Eden Energy Medicine Session

Donna Eden and Melanie Smith

Donna Eden and Melanie Smith

With its focus on self-care and wellness, Eden Energy Medicine is unique from many other forms of energy healing. With roots from Traditional Chinese Medicine and other ancient eastern modalities, Donna Eden combined her clairvoyant ability from childhood to see the flow of the body’s energies with energy testing (Applied Kinesiology) to develop a system for teaching others how to restore their energies for health and happiness.  Albert Szent-Gyogyi, 1960 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, said “In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.” Eden Energy Medicine is designed to get your body’s energy moving by working with Nine different Energy Systems.  Also, Donna Eden developed The Daily Energy Routine as the foundation for working with your body’s underlying energies to better support these Nine Energy Systems and restore the body to balance and harmony. 

What Can I Expect?
Based on the initial assessment, individualized treatments can be designed to make your energy system more robust, specifically in ways that will help with your specific health condition. During Energy Medicine Sessions, (without acupuncture), the client is full clothed and lying comfortably on a massage table in a safe, quiet, tranquil setting.   The approach to energy medicine is non-invasive.  Methods such as tracing or swirling the hand over the skin along specific energy pathways are commonly used as well as massaging and connecting specific energy points on the skin.  Dr. Melanie generally teaches and recommends exercises the client can do at home to reinforce and accelerate the healing process.

How Does Energy Medicine Work?
Inside each of us lies the capacity for self-healing as nature intended.  There is a deep wisdom locked into the energies that flow through your body much like the blood that courses through your veins. The ancient Chinese called this flow of energy Chi or Qi representing the invisible subtle energies in our body that must be in motion. Energy Medicine allows you to tap into your body’s own natural wisdom or Qi.  It teaches you how to work with your own energy to increase your vitality, overcome chronic health problems and enhance your own wellbeing.  Your health depends upon the energies that flow through your body just as much as it depends on the oxygen you breathe.  Along with eating the right foods and getting exercise, your good health is also dependent upon your ability to harness and direct your body’s energies.

The human body is composed of 75 trillion cells, each connecting electrochemically with thousands of other cells.  Energy Medicine works directly with the electomagnetic and more subtle energies that orchestrate your health, emotions and behavior within this extremely complex network. Drawing upon the wisdom of ancient healing practices and the science of energy.  With his famous equation E= mc2, Albert Einstein proved in 1905 that when you come right down to it “everything in the universe is energy.”  Making our bodies energy a vital, healing force.  When the bodies energies are flowing freely, the body maintains good health.  But, when there are energy blocks within the body, our systems become imbalanced and illness can occur.   Through tapping, tracing, massaging, swirling and connecting acupuncture points; Energy Medicine works to keep our energy flowing freely to maintain health and wellness.  When there is emotional, spiritual or physical illness, Energy medicine works to remove the energetic blocks to bring our bodies back to a state of harmony, thus, restoring our Qi.