Energy Medicine for Allergic Reactions to Insect Bites

Recently, I had some first hand experience using Energy Medicine for an allergic reaction to an insect bite.   I was in South Carolina when I suddenly felt this slight prick on the side of my hand.  I looked down and saw a large swollen, red, bump beginning to form.  Within minutes, welts moved up my arm, and then to my back, my neck and yes my face.  It wasn’t pretty and within twenty minutes of the original bite, my upper body was covered with large, red welts that itched like crazy.  Timing couldn’t have been worse as I was about to be in a conference with over 200 people.  I had to find a way to stop the reaction and ease the intense itching and oozing of the bites.  So here’s what I did:

1. I always carry a number of NET Homeopathic Remedies with me when I travel.  They  seem to energy test well in emergency situations so I immediately began taking ER 911 (for stress and trauma), Allergy (for all types of allergic reactions), Immune (to boost my immune system to fight off the histamine reaction) and Metal (which governs the skin).   I used Energy Testing to determine the dosages and kept adjusting accordingly.

2.  I then energy tested to see which points I should hold and the best priority treatment to STOP the reaction from spreading:

  • Sedating Triple Warmer, Small Intestine and Large Intestine Meridians were the priorities.  This makes sense since Triple Warmer and Small Intestine make up the yang aspects of Fire.  My Fire Element was blazing as I was turning bright red, running a temperature and the whites of my eyes were also turning red.  Large Intestine governs the skin, makes up the Metal Element and is “Controlled” by the Fire Element.  My skin was trying to release the toxins out of my body.
  • Since it was moving around and becoming quite toxic, I also found Liver Meridian needed Sedating as well.  Liver is the Yin energies for the Wood Element which is about the Wind.
  • Strengthening Spleen was important as well as it governs the blood and boosts the immune function for maximum support.

I continued testing and holding points as frequently as I could throughout the conference.

3.  Staying Calm and Boosting Immune System:  Repeated tapping of the Thymus and  TW3 on the back of the hand as well as holding the main neurovasculars were helpful to boost the immune system and keep me as calm as possible    (I  did not find tracing Figure 8’s,  Chakra clearing or pain siphoning techniques helpful as there were too many welts over too large of an area)

4.  The next order of business was to apply a topical that would help reduce the itch and the pain. Again, I relied on Energy Testing.   Essential Oil of Lavender, Egyptian Magic Cream, and the oriental remedy White Flower from my travel kit tested well.   I was well aware that continued itching could cause scarring so continued application of the topicals I had in my emergency kit were critical.

5.  I got several buckets of ice and put ice over all of the welts.  The cold not only helped with the swelling but it helped to alleviate the itching.

7.  Since my body was fighting this reaction, I needed extra rest and sleep.  The great news was that I was able to sleep without itching.  So while I was able to attend the entire two day conference, I had to focus on rest rather than socializing in the evenings.  At lunch breaks I would ice myself down and take a nap.   And during the conference, I was tapping and  holding points!  I was the one wearing long sleeves and a scarf around my neck in 90 degree weather.   What a sight!

8.  When I found myself feeling angry and irritable as a result of the itching, I did  Expelling the Venom and massaged the Liver Neurolymphatic Reflex Points.

9.  Using Energy Medicine techniques I was able to stop the reaction from spreading in less than 36 hours.  Healing the welts and reducing the itching  took a bit longer.  In Oriental Medicine we would say Clear Heat and Cool Blood.  I continued my regiment and added  the 5-Element Fire Points (SI5, LI5, TW6, LV2) to reduce the inflammation, swelling, itching and Water Points (K10, LV8, SP9, UB66, GB43, ST44) to calm and soothe the Fire Element.

10.   When I returned home I had access to more supplements and remedies and I’m happy to report that Theraneem Naturals Soap and Skin Lotion were very beneficial.  They are  loaded with antioxidants and had a calming and cooling effect on my skin.  This will certainly become a new addition to my emergency travel kit.

I am thrilled to say, I am foot loose and itch free.   I hope you found these tips helpful and may you never have to use them.   We will be sharing more this week on Energy Medicine and First Aid on our Facebook Page.      Enjoy your week!

Be Well Within,

Dr. Melanie


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