What is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology (EP) is a new approach to therapy that dramatically reduces emotional distress and restores emotional wellbeing by clearing the flow of the body’s electro-magnetic Energy System. When your energy is balanced and runs clear, your emotional distress disappears. “Energy patterns in the body impact emotional states” David Feinstein, Ph.D. (2001)There are a broad range of psychological treatments that utilize the human energy system including Thought Field Therapy (TFT), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Clearing & Manifesting Energies (CME), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), Emotional First-Aid (EFA), and many other such therapies.

During the treatment, each of these intentionally utilizes one of the human energy systems; such as the meridian system, the chakra system or the aura.Energy Psychology techniques were first popularized in the early 1980s by Roger Callahan, Ph.D. under the names of “The Callahan Technique” or “Thought Field Therapy.” Building upon conventional therapeutic methods, Energy Psychology utilizes techniques from acupressure, yoga, Qi Gong, and Eden Energy Medicine that teach people simple steps for initiating changes in their inner lives. It works by stimulating energy points on the surface of the skin which, when paired with specific psycho-logical procedures, can shift the brain’s electrochemistry to help overcome fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, depression, grief, jealousy, low self-esteem or anger. Change unwanted habits and behaviors including phobias. Help free painful memories, limiting beliefs, and traumatic experiences. Reduce stress and performance issues. And, enhance the ability to Love, Succeed, and Enjoy Life.

Holistic Approaches to Emotional Health

In Energy Psychology, the problem is assessed, diagnosed, and treated as an ENERGY-BASED PROBLEM. In his Energy Psychology Interactive CD training program, David Feinstein, PhD (2001) describes it this way: “Like the Oriental medicine traditions to which it traces, the theoretical core of energy psychology is simply this: “Whatever the presenting problem, it has a counterpart in the client’s energy system and can be treated at that level.”The energy psychology practitioner will check the client’s energy system for a disturbance in the energy flow or balance (assessment), identify the energy component of the client’s problem (diagnosis), and then treat the energy disturbance with specific energy-based techniques. Energy Psychology interventions add to the power and depth of traditional treatments by correcting the energy disturbance underlying the client’s emotional disturbance. As a result, the presenting problem usually resolves at a deep and complete level.The term “Energy Psychology” refers only those therapies that use both psychological interventions and energetic interventions together in a particular treatment format.

Why Energy System for Psychological Healing and Growth?

Traditional psychotherapy has utilized the power of speech to transform emotions. Through talking about one’s feelings, experiences and struggles, one is often able to come to a better understanding of oneself, develop new ways of viewing things, and begin to consider new alternatives. However, discussion alone does not have the power to significantly change one’s innermost world. Other mind-body approaches do act deeply to help release emotional blocks, foster healing and change emotional patterns. Energy Psychology techniques add one more unique therapeutic dimension. By correcting a disruption in the energy system, these techniques can bring complete balance within a disturbed internal pattern and virtually “re-wire” the inner world.“Re-Wiring” the Inner World.

From the point of view of Energy Psychology, painful physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms are the result of a disruption in the energy system. When the disruption is corrected, symptoms will be replaced by healthy functioning. For instance, a phobic response to spiders would be replaced by a calm response to spiders. All aspects of the phobic response would be normalized. Therefore, physical sensations of distress (such as tense muscles, racing heart, lumps in the throat or sensations in the pit of the stomach) are alleviated. Disturbed thought processes (such distorted perceptions and catastrophic expectations) are normalized. Negative emotions (fear, panic, anger, helplessness, confusion, etc.) are replaced by inner peace. Unhelpful behavioral tendencies (flight or fight or freeze responses, for example) are corrected. All of this can be achieved using the natural resources of the body’s energetic system. These changes often happen within only minutes of treatment, and yet the inner transformation is often profound and enduring. There is a large generalization effect of treatment – meaning that the treatment of one issue often causes resolution in many other issues (a real bonus!).

Energy Psychology

Research and Additional Information Preliminary Report of the First Large-Scale Study of Energy Psychology: The principal investigator was Joaquin Andrade, M.D. The report was written by Dr. Andrade and David Feinstein, Ph.D. The paper appears in Energy Psychology Interactive: An Integrated Book and CD Program for Learning the Fundamentals of Energy Psychology (Ashland, OR: Innersource, 2004) by David Feinstein, Ph.D. in consultation with Fred P. Gallo, Donna Eden, and the Energy Psychology Interactive Advisory Board.  


One of the pioneers in Energy Psychology is David Feinstein, Ph.D. David is a clinical psychologist and the national director of the Energy Medicine Institute in Ashland, Oregon. The author of seven books and more than fifty professional papers, he has taught at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and Antioch College. Among his major works are The Promise of Energy Psychology (co-authored with Donna Eden, and Gary Craig), The Mythic Path, and Rituals for Living and Dying. For more information, visit www.EnergyPsychEd.com.

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