Grid Sessions


Grid Sessions are helpful for those who have tried different types of treatment and nothing seems to have worked.  It addresses healing on a deeper level. Your Basic Grid is your body’s framework supporting all of your energy systems that becomes disrupted when the body experiences trauma. The trauma could have happened as early as birth and has remained stuck in your  bodies energy.  As a result, other energy systems have become compromised.

Donna Eden identified the Grid as one of the Nine Energy Systems and developed the Grid protocol that only Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioners are qualified to offer.  The “Grid Session,” is a deep, sometimes emotional experience requiring such a level of knowledge and experience that Donna Eden has trained very few to offer this sacred work.  Melanie Smith is an Advanced Level Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner who has been offering Grid Sessions since completing Grid and Regression training with Donna Eden in 2004.  Dr. Melanie has completed the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, plus requisite supervised clinical experience.  She is also a senior faculty member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program in Phoenix, Arizona.