New to Energy Medicine

How do I get Started?

If you are seeking treatment or training, here are a few suggestions to get started:
1. One great place to start  is by learning  The Daily Energy Routine developed by Donna Eden.  To get started, please download our Free EBook “Energy Medicine Your Personal Health and Wellness System for Today”  The Ebook illustrates the steps to the Daily Energy Routine.  This is a great start as the Daily Energy Routine is designed to get your energies running smoothly.

2. To start to learn energy medicine in the comfort of your own home, click here to learn more

3.  If you have a health challenge and want to set up an Energy Assessment with Dr. Melanie, click here to learn more

4.  For Classes and Workshopsclick here to learn more

5.  For Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, click here to learn more

6. For Florida Regional Eden Energy Medicine Program, click here to learn more 

7.  If you are not sure where to start, call our office (727) 522-6515  or email and we will do our best to get you headed in the right direction.

As Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD said, “the next big frontier in medicine is energy medicine.”  The term “Energy Medicine,” is new for many people.  What is Energy Medicine?  Is Energy Medicine Something I can do on myself or do I need a practitioner?  Is Energy Medicine something I can learn for myself or do I have to go to a practitioner?  Would Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ be helpful for me?  How do I get started?  Does Energy Medicine work for all ailments? All these questions and more can be answered to help you become fully aware of why energy medicine has become such a powerful force in both eastern and western forms of medicine throughout the world.

What is Energy Medicine?
Energy Medicine is a broad term that includes a number of different healing modalities which recognize that working with the body’s energies is important to the healing process.  Energy Medicine views our body’s energy as  a vital healing force.  When these energies are flowing freely, the body maintains good health.  However, when there are energy blocks within the body, both emotional and physical illness can occur.   Energy Medicine works to keep our energy flowing freely to maintain health and wellness.  In cases of emotional, spiritual or physical illness, Energy medicine works to remove the energetic blocks to bring our bodies back to a state of harmony. Acupuncture, Reiki, Qi Gong, Therapeutic Touch, Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ are examples of healing approaches which fall into the “category” of Energy Medicine.  Looking deeply at the various types of Energy Medicine offered, most seem to utilize; (to varying degrees); the teachings of  Traditional Chinese Medicine or Oriental Medicine.   This makes sense since Traditional Chinese Medicine has been practiced for thousands of years and in many parts of the world is the only approach to healing illness.

Is Energy Medicine Something I can do on Myself or do I need a practitioner?
There are certain types of energy medicine that require a practitioner.  Acupuncture is one example of a form of Energy Medicine that would require a Licensed Practitioner.   However, both Eden Energy Medicine and Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™ offer an abundance of tools that do not require a practitioner and are available to everyone.  The beauty of these resources is that they empower others to understand their own unique energy system to maximize Health and Wellness.

Would Energy Medicine for Healthy Living™  be helpful for me?
If you answer “yes” to one or more of the following questions Energy Medicine For Healthy Living™ may be what you are looking for:

    • Do you want to receive Energy Medicine Treatment in conjunction with Traditional Medical Care to accelerate the healing process?
    • Do you have a current illness and have tried Traditional Medicine and it has not worked?
    • Are you familiar with Eden Energy Medicine and want an Advanced Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner for either treatment, training or mentoring?
    • Do you know very little about Energy Medicine and are curious and want to learn more?
    • Do you want to learn Energy Medicine Tools to help yourself an/or loved ones with and illness?
    • Are you interested in becoming a Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner ?
    • Do you want to learn Energy Medicine Tools maintain health and wellness for yourself and others?