Energy Medicine Session

Dr. Melanie offers a unique fusion of Acupuncture, Eden Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Oriental Medicine, Energy Psychology, Emotional Balancing, Nutrition, Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork that she has cultivated over the past 15 years. Sessions are based on the individual needs of her clients. During sessions clients receive treatment and  learn simple energy medicine techniques they can take home to reinforce the work that has been done to accelerate their healing process.  Empowering individuals to learn self-care tools to maintain health and wellness is an integral part of Dr. Melanie’s work.

Dr. Melanie offers private sessions by appointment only via In-Office Visit or Skype.  To schedule an office or skype appointment, please call (727) 522-6515 or email.  You can also purchase your Skype Appointment Online.

Office Visit
Dr. Melanie’s office is located at 710 94th Ave North, Suite 310, St. Petersburg, Florida.  The office provides a private, quiet, tranquil oasis where you begin to relax as soon as you enter the lobby.  The focus is on your needs, comfort and sense of absolute safety and trust.

Initial Consultation (one hour) via Skype or In-Office:  $200

Energy Medicine Session via Skype or In-Office:  $150 per hour
Acupuncture with Energy Medicine:  $150 per hour