Energy Medicine Sessions

Dr. Melanie has been an Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Doctor of Oriental Medicine for over 20 years with a private practice in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has worked with clients remotely in 50 States and more than 40 countries. As a result, she has cultivated a unique blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Eden Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Sound Healing and Emotional Balancing Techniques that are effective specifically for remote healing sessions.

To schedule a remote energy session, please email


  • Initial Consultation: $300 per hour
  • Energy Medicine Follow Up Sessions: $175 per hour

Please note, all clients are required to have an initial consultation prior to an Energy Medicine Follow-Up Session.

What is the process for scheduling a Remote Healing Session with Dr. Melanie?

Simply email your request for a session to along with your name, address, telephone number, country, time zone, and Skype Address/ID. You can schedule an appointment without having your Skype ID, but we would need it 48 hours prior to your appointment.

We will then email you available appointment times and link to complete intake forms.
For the initial consultation, please submit your completed forms and make your payment 48-hours prior to your appointment.


How do I prepare for my first Remote Healing Session?

  • If you have not used Skype before or if it’s been a while, please practice with a friend prior to your appointment. This will allow you to come to the session focused on your treatment rather than any concerns you may have about working with Skype.
  • Be sure you are in a physical space that is free of distractions and has privacy so that you have an opportunity to share openly. It’s best to avoid having a window or direct light behind you as it makes your screen image too dark. Also, it’s helpful to check that your computer is plugged in or fully charged.
  • For the first session, you can be sitting comfortably in a chair. For follow up sessions, Dr. Melanie may suggest lying down or different options that will maximize the effectiveness of the session.
  • Dr. Melanie will call you at the time of the appointment via Skype.


How much do Telehealth Sessions Cost?

The initial session is $300 for an hour and follow up sessions are $175 per hour. Sessions are scheduled in one-hour increments.


How do I make payment?

For clients within the United States, please call us at (727) 522-6515 with your credit card information. For our international friends, please make payment via PayPal by using this link.


What is the cancellation policy?

If for any reason you need to change or cancel your scheduled appointment, call (727) 522-6515 or email at least 24-hours prior to your appointment time to avoid being charged. For International appointments we kindly ask for a 48-hour notice.


Can Dr. Melanie Energy Test Supplements Remotely?

Yes, Dr. Melanie has many years of experience Energy Testing supplements and foods remotely.


Since I live in a different country and time zone, how do I confirm my appointment time?

Your appointment will be scheduled in your time zone, and you will receive a confirmation email with your appointment time. You can also use this time converter as an easy way to compare your time zone with our EDT and EST time zones in St. Petersburg, FL, United States.


How do I download Skype onto my computer?

For questions on how to download or use Skype, Click Here to Download Skype.


How do I find my Skype ID?

Once Skype is installed and you have launched or opened the application, go to the “FILE” menu at the top left of your screen and choose “VIEW PROFILE.” Under PROFILE you will see “Skype Name.” This is the ID that we will need prior to your session.

“Dr. Melanie is an absolutely amazing healer! I had been going to her office once a week for the past several months working on a number of physical and emotional issues until Covid-19 came along. I now meet with Dr. Melanie using Skype and the healing is as powerful as ever! First, she does her energy evaluation with me and then she starts the healing right through the screen. Often, I can actually sense energies moving and feel an uplifting sensation especially when she sings my soul song. You would need to experience that to appreciate the wonder of it. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to feel better soon!”

- TS

Florida, USA

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