“Dr Melanie is absolutely amazing healer.

Dr Melanie has been using several different methods of healing to help me to overcome numerous health issues. I used to go to her practice in St Petersburg Florida once a week for several months until the widespread Covid-19 virus and stay at home order put a stop to that.

Usually we had a one- hour sessions that included Donna Eden method of energy healing. Dr Melanie also used several other healing modalities like acupuncture, and others I could not even name.

It was wonderful to get one on one healing from her as I had so many different health issues. At the start I had digestive, hormonal and emotional issues going to early childhood, poorly functioning inner organs like liver and heart and damaged shoulder that had bothered me for years for which my regular physician said I would need to have surgery to try repair the damage. Dr Melanie worked on my shoulder maybe 3 times and now it is functioning normally. My liver and heart are mending so is my thyroid and other hormonal issues.

I now “meet “with Dr Melanie using Skype and the healing is as powerful as ever. She does her energy evalaution and then start the healing right there on the screen. Often I can actually sense energies moving and happy lifting sensation making me feel joyous specially when she sings my soul song. You would need to experience that to appreciate the wonder of it.

Last week I got diagnosed with a virus and bacterial infections and though I had the Covid-19 mild I felt miserable. Dr Melanie was able to help me via Skype and now couple of days later I feel as if I never was sick in the first place!

I highly recommend her for anyone looking to feel better soon.

Love and Light to you all.”

TS – Florida, USA

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
WONDERFUL Teacher! I am finding your color laminated charts extremely helpful in helping me in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. So glad you created them, so glad I invested in them. Gratefully”

Kathryn T. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – Illinois

Letter written to Donna Eden about Dr. Melanie
Dear Donna, 
I am writing to you about Melanie Smith. Melanie has become such an important part of my life that I love to share my stories about her with everyone.
I first started seeing Melanie several years ago for massages to treat chronic neck pain. I could tell back then she had a gift for healing. It did not take many sessions for my chronic neck pain to become history ( I am still pain free)! I started seeing Dr. Melanie every other week because she kept me feeling so good. I still tease her about having “magic hands”. I would not even have to tell her where I was feeling discomfort or pain…..her gift would take her right to the area that needed attention.

Many times when I went for my massage, Melanie would do energy work on me, depending on what the problem was. Almost two years ago, I had some eye surgery done (removal of a fatty tumor from lid of one eye and a bilateral blepharoplasty). Prior to the day of surgery and immediately after the surgery, Melanie did energy work on my eyes. I could literally feel the energy moving through me. My surgeon told me that it would take up to 6 months for complete healing. On my 2nd post-op visit, my doctor could not believe how well I was doing. I am a redhead and redheads are usually more prone to increased bleeding and swelling for any type of surgery. It was approximately 6 weeks after my surgery that my doctor told me I was completely healed! She could not believe how well I had done. I, of course, was not surprised and I attribute it to the work that Melanie did on me.

It is truly amazing to me how much better I feel after any energy work that Melanie has done on me. She has also been instrumental in helping me release emotional issues through energy work. Once, after just one session, I was so empowered with my own energy that I was able to release the emotional problem and feel absolutely fantastic!
Melanie is currently working on me for a problem that has recently become a big issue for me…….hormonal imbalance. I was on synthetic hormones for many years. Approximately 6 months ago, I decided to go off of them (I was weaned off by my traditional physician). Since then, I have developed every symptom of menopause which put me on the synthetics years ago. I was back with the night sweats, fatigue, weight gain, feeling of bloating, etc. In addition, since that time, my thyroid has also been out of control ( I have been on Synthroid for many years). My traditional physician, like most, has little to offer and really does not seem interested in helping me find an alternative treatment. This is what Melanie is now treating me for. I can already feel a difference in the few sessions we have had. The night sweats have drastically been reduced. She is working on the cortisol level around my midriff area. She has me doing many of your exercises to work on all the areas of the imbalance. We will also be working on the weight which has been a big concern for me.

As I stated earlier, Melanie definitely has a gift for healing. I am so fortunate to have her as a friend, but I am also so very grateful that she is my physician. Because I know how good she is, I give her name to anyone that I think could benefit from her expertise.”

Kathy B. – St. Petersburg, FL

“I am an Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner and first started skyping with Dr. Melanie in June 2011. She has walked with me on my journey to wellness with all the ups and downs of eyes surgeries, grief, celiac disease and high blood pressure. Grief is the thread that weaves my tapestry. My blood pressure was doing great with Heart to Heart, and Hearts River Flow, Calming the Storm, Meditation and QiGong, but emotional triggers would cause dangerous numbers. Last week I was in the hospital and they had to use an intervenous medicaton to save my life. Dr. Melanie went back to the drawing board and what has surfaced is my diagnosis of idiopathic anaphylaxis. Standard allergy test never presented anyting that should cause anaphylaxis, yet I have 25 years of events and carry an epi pen.”

Long story short with advanced substance testing, Dr. Melanie identified the thiols in sulfur as being a food intolerance for me. What has been happening is that I am eating very healthy foods that I thought were good for me like asparagus, kale, garlic, white chicken, white turkey, eggs, and on and on, a long list of foods with high amounts of thiols and my liver could not keep up with the toxins, and my heart was working triple time to keep me going. Triple warmer, I don’t even need to describe that it had been in crisis mode for years!

If you are dealing with food intolerances or allergic reactions, then I highly recommend you seek out Dr. Melanie. I am grateful she can work with me via Skype every week and I love going to her office in Florida when I can.”

Risa Hyman – Maryland, USA

Energy Medicine Sessions
“All I can say is, WOW, you really made a HUGE difference in my “being” Saturday. The disconnection of energy down my back seemed to be instantly recharged and reconnected in your office. And words cannot describe how much better I have felt since I came home, and still today. I really needed that, as you could tell through the muscle testing. No wonder I felt so “power-less” and cowardly. I am much more confident now. Good timing, too, since I’m in the thick of contract negotiations. I have so much more peace, courage and strength than I have had in what seems like years. The difference has been very dramatic!

Just wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate your talent and expertise.”

Mary B. – Tampa, FL

Energy Medicine Sessions
“Great News! In just 3 months, I lowered my (bad) cholesterol more than 100 points! Last October my total cholesterol was found to be 324. Although my “good” cholesterol was in a comfortably high range, the level of “bad” cholesterol was more than twice what it should be. In addition to my acupuncture and energy medicine treatments, I started taking the Red Yeast Rice Extract you suggested 3 times a day with meals. I also cut out all dairy products and started eating only oatmeal for breakfast. I was not stringently careful about my diet over the holidays but I did take my Red Yeast Rice Extract faithfully.

This morning I got the results from my latest blood test. The total cholesterol is down to 210, with no change in the HDL level! In other words, my protective cholesterol is still as high as ever (a good thing!) and the potentially damaging cholesterol has dropped dramatically! My doctor was absolutely amazed and astounded! Thank you Dr Melanie for all you are and all you do!”

CJ B. – St. Petersburg, FL

Skype Sessions
“Having read The Field by Lynne McTaggart, I understood the science behind remote healing. So when I found out that Melanie would do sessions by Skype, I was excited to try it. As I hoped, sessions over Skype have been very effective. I had graduated from the 2 year Eden Energy Medicine program and had been practicing energy medicine with others and on myself for over two years. Many issues had resolved, but I was still dealing with chronic pelvic floor pain. Having tried many traditional and alternative approaches, I was thrilled to discover that I was making better progress with Melanie over Skype than anything else I had tried. It is amazing how much Melanie can tell what is going on with my energies and how much I can feel the energy move as Melanie works on me. And best of all, there is no need to leave the house!. Just find a comfortable, quiet place with consistent reception, and sit in a comfortable chair. All healing should be this easy!”

Regina M. – Annapolis, MD

Help with Adrenal Fatigue
“I first met Melanie Smith, Acupuncture Physician, Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Eden Energy Medicine Faculty Member and Practitioner, in November, 2007, in San Diego, CA. I had the best fortune that weekend to be able to have Dr. Melanie as an instructor in the Eden Energy Medicine 5-Day Intensive being held there. She is a knowledgeable, fantastic teacher, and so inclusive of all of her students that she instructs. This helped me so much as I had traveled far and knew no one at the training. She has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and that is what it takes to really learn and feel a part of things.

Since that time, I have studied all of her Energy Medicine DVD’s and color laminated charts. Every one is priceless. Being an energy medicine practitioner myself, I always use her charts every day in my work and studies. She teaches on the DVD’s, which thoroughly explain the topic or technique being presented, and the charts are accurate and easy to access to save time and energy in my care of others. Dr. Melanie’s educational materials are personally empowering, helping me the practitioner learn and grow in my understanding of Energy Medicine. With this said, the clients I work with also benefit tremendously as they journey forward in healing health and well-being. There are already hundreds of people benefiting from her work in my home town where I live and teach. She has touched the lives of so many she doesn’t even know and continues to do so. I am always wondering, “What new chart or DVD will she produce next?” So, in conclusion, I highly recommend anyone who is interested in learning Energy Medicine to get involved in Dr. Melanie’s educational offerings. She is by far among the most dedicated in her field of healing and teaching.”

Jan Stevens – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – Energy Medicine Practitioner – Chapel Hill, NC

Help with Adrenal Fatigue
“I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue in September 2010, after many months of experiencing moderate energy levels punctuated by feeling suddenly unplugged, and having to go to bed for a few days. I began taking hormone balancing supplements in October, and started feeling better in November, but my energy fluctuations were still extreme and unpredictable. I keep a wellness journal, marking my vitality level from 1 to 10.

Lots of excellent energy work and advice from gifted practitioners contributed to my gradual recovery, including network chiropractic, reflexology, Energy Medicine for Women hormone balancing for master glands, adrenals and thyroid, Electrics sessions, homeopathy, minor grids and cloacals … but my energy level was still fluctuating from an “8” to a “2” for no apparent reason.

I really turned the corner after Dr. Melanie worked with me in February, clearing my chakras and addressing imbalances in chambers 1 – 3 – 5 of my throat chakra. This has been a huge shift, to get my anabolic processes back on track. Ever since, for three weeks, I have felt my energy level at a “9” or “10” – better and more vitally stable than I’ve felt since the Fall of 2009. I’m keeping the momentum going by checking in with my chakras & chambers, cloacals, and hormone balancing processes, including some of Dr. Melanie’s Harmonize the Fire protocols, addressing what is needed.

Hallelujah! And even more amazing is that my daughter was married within the past three weeks, and I was able to be fully present and feel great throughout all the excitement.

Words cannot suffice. Thank you Dr. Melanie, for your gifted healing presence.”

Lyn M – Eden Energy Medicine – Clinical Practitioner – Apopka, FL

Harmonize The Fire
I have been both the receiver and giver of this amazing technique “Harmonize the Fire” which was created by Dr. Melanie. As a receiver of Harmonize the Fire, I experienced profound balance and harmony and a deep sense of peace and relaxation. As a giver, it is amazing to see the client’s energies shift as they go thru this technique. Their energy systems in their body not only balance and align, the emotional body also goes into a deep release and relaxation. “Harmonize the Fire” incorporates many of the energy systems. It is like one-stop-shopping. I would highly recommend this technique to every practitioner! Your clients will be truly grateful!

Joyce C. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Sarasota, FL

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
I was looking at one of your DVD’s today to prepare myself for the next EEMCP#6 class in August. Again, I can’t express how your DVD’s and charts help me in my study of Eden Energy Medicine. I would recommend everyone to invest in Dr Melanie charts and DVD’s if you really want to get a deeper understanding of EEM and integrate all the EEM topics much faster. I studied and looked at the DVD’s before every class, reviewed them after each class. But the fun thing is that you can review Dr Melanie’s DVD’s when a certain EEM topic has left your left brain and you just need a refresher on a certain topic. They are a MUST have for every Eden Energy Medicine FAN.

Dominique Heiremans – Energy Medicine Student – Belgium

Harmonize The Fire Workshop
I loved, loved, loved the Harmonizing the Fire Post Class. Your work and the class presentation were spectacular as always!! Your are such a fantastic teacher.”

Michelle L, EEM-CP – Richland, WA

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
I have used your materials: the acupressure points; the DVDs on Muscle Meridian Testing and Hormones and they have made a tremendous difference to my own understanding and to those I am now teaching. All your materials are clear and easy to follow. I have not found any as clear and at such a reasonable price.

Shirley P. Psy.D. – Newport News, VA

Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Point Charts
I use your acupressure sedating and strengthening charts exclusively. Whenever I am doing anything Energy Medicine wise four things are always present. I always have Donna’s book, Dr. Melanie’s Acupressure Strengthening & Sedating Charts, a magnet on a string and a crystal close-at-hand. I attended an essential oils class recently and had occasion to consult your energy medicine charts. You should have heard the ooh’s and ah’s from the other participants when they saw them.
Your DVD on Acupressure Strengthening & Sedating Points is a great reference guide. If I ever have any doubts about the exact location of a point, I am reassured to know the answer will be easy to find. All of your charts and DVD’s are EXCELLENT! The future looks bright. Thanks for teaching me so well!

Tom D. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Spain

5-Rhythms DVD Series
Dr. Melanie, I love your 5-Rhythms DVD Series! Thanks so much for making them! I appreciate your insight and contributions to Energy Medicine.”

Eddie G – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Texas

Eye Surgery
I had eye surgery about a year and a half ago. Prior to my surgery and right after my surgery, Dr. Melanie did energy work on my eyes. I could literally feel the energy moving through me. My doctor told me that it would take up to 6 months for complete healing. On my 2nd post-op visit, my doctor couldn’t believe how well I was doing (redheads always have more bleeding & swelling for any type of surgery). It was approximately 6 weeks after my surgery that my doctor told me I was completely healed and took the “after” pictures of me ……remember, she told me it would be up to 6 months before she would do this!
Dr. Melanie has done energy work on me for various problems. It is truly amazing how much better I feel after she does this….regardless of what might have been bothering me. She has used her energy work to help me release emotional issues, people, relationships. I was having a hard time last year releasing a relationship. After 1 session with Melanie, I was so empowered with my own energy that I was able to completely release it and feel fantastic!

I think the thing that rings truest for Melanie (and what people should know about her) is that she is so gifted with what she does. She is doing exactly what she was meant to do! She is able to do so many different modalities of treatment, therefore she is able to treat her patients as individuals and do what is right for that particular person. She also is a wonderful teacher and is more than willing to teach us how to do some of these things ourselves!”

Kathy B. – St. Petersburg, FL

Private Energy Medicine Session, Charts and DVD’s
Dr. Melanie I am still using energy medicine and think of you often. I very much appreciated the private session in San Diego at Donna’s 5-Day Intensive and I’ve enjoyed and learned much from your videos that I purchased. Your color laminated charts are also such a powerful tool. My clients I’ve given the 5-Minute Daily Energy Routine chart to love them. I also appreciate the quantity discounts you offer! In Gratitude and Appreciation. . .

Dallyce B. – Energy Medicine Practitioner – Las Vegas, NV

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
“I can’t imagine going through the Certification Program without access to such excellent charts, and now that I’ve graduated, I’ll continue to use them for quick, at-a-glance references on point locations and protocols! And, I look forward to obtaining any new ones that come along.”

Vicki P. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Dade City, FL

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
I have been a client & student of Dr. Melanie’s for the last few years and I have also recently completed the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. Attending this Certification Program has been life changing. Lots of information to learn and understand. Using Dr. Melanie’s “charts & DVDs” helped me get a greater understanding of each system. The charts are easy to read and understand and I can take them where ever I go. I have no doubt that these charts and DVDs helped me prepare and pass my certification. Without them I am quite sure that I would have had a difficult time passing. I definitely recommend these tools as a “MUST HAVE” and I give them 5 stars. I use them in my practice and I am so grateful. Thank you Dr. Melanie.

Joyce C. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Bradenton, FL

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
I use your charts almost daily in my professional practice for my own review and to help clients better understand what is going on in their own bodies.

Your charts and DVD’s have been extremely useful to me personally as I continue to refine my skills. For the longest time, I had an additional set of charts in my bathroom, so each morning I could review things before I began my day while I was relaxing in the bathtub!

The DVD’s were a great boost to learning and I am happy to have them to review again and again. Thank you for creating all of these wonderful learning tools! I don’t think I could have made it through the Donna Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program without your great educational tools!”

Colleen H. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Boca Raton, FL

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
Being new to Energy Medicine I was looking for additional study materials to fully understand the new concepts I was learning. The charts are accurate, easy to use and continue to be a great help. Melanie is able to explain the concepts of Energy Medicine at a beginners level. The DVD’s are an excellent supplement and resource to Energy Medicine Training. I own nearly every chart and DVD. I feel I was able to grasp the concepts of Energy Medicine faster by using the charts and studying the DVD’s.”

Eddie G. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Katy, TX

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
“Dr. Melanie’s charts and DVD’s have been invaluable for both work with clients and for my studies as an Energy Medicine student. The charts are easy to understand and take along on client visits. The DVD’s have been most helpful in understanding exactly how to apply the lessons we are learning. The lessons are well organized, clearly demonstrated and filled with hints on how to apply the techniques taught.”

Karen D. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – Sierra Vista, AZ

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
Melanie’s DVDs have been absolutely invaluable to me in my study of energy medicine. Everything is presented in a wonderfully user- friendly fashion and with fantastic clarity and precision. The charts are an excellent adjunct learning tool to the DVD’s, but can also easily be used simply on their own. Finding specific points is not always the easiest thing to do, but these charts offer superlative visual accuracy, as well as, detailed verbal information. The fact that they are laminated makes them perfect for using when holding acupressure points in the tub.

I feel incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to be treated by Dr. Melanie over the past few years. We’ve also had telephone sessions from which I’ve received excellent results and I’ve also traveled down to Florida just to be treated by her, most recently for grid work. She’s simply a phenomenal healer who has the unique ability to bring her expertise in both acupuncture and energy medicine to the table, thus significantly amplifying her ability to accurately diagnose and successfully treat even the most complicated cases.”

Laurie H. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – North Carolina

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
The charts I purchased from you for sedating and strengthening points have been invaluable. They are one of the tools that I carry as a staple for use in my work. I make home visits to cancer clients and these charts have been convenient and offer clear instruction for working with these important points. They have also been a wonderful teaching tool to show clients not only what I am doing, but also to instruct them how to hold the points on themselves.

Your 14-Muscle Meridian Energy Test chart set has been essential in my learning process. For the way I learn and my mind works, having all of the information for a particular meridian on one laminated card along with a clear visual of the testing position, has taken away my apprehension about remembering these test positions and associated muscles. The muscles to be challenged are clearly illustrated and it is so handy to have the neurolymphatics and the meridian pathway there as well. These charts offer me a way of mentally organizing this information for easy recall, access and use.

The materials you have produced help make me a more effective and efficient practitioner of energy medicine.”

Diana W. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – New Jersey

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
During Eden Energy Medicine 5-day intensives and Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program I thought I took good notes, knew I could use my handouts, was positive I had retained what I needed and was sure I could count on my fellow classmates if I did not understand something. Well, by the time I got home and was ready to study for my test and share my work with friends I soon found out there was a lot of confusion. I was thinking, trace where, hold what, jiggle, strengthen or sedate points and where exactly are they. Oh boy, I don’t know where to start and what to do next. Hope I don’t kill anyone.

The answers to my questions came from watching Dr. Melanie’s Energy Medicine for Healthy Living videos and studying her color laminated charts over and over again. They give me the where and how and even why answers. The charts are clear and concise. I especially loved the Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Point charts and the 14-Muscle Meridian Energy tests. They are a must have! I recommend the whole series to everyone.

I feel blessed to have these comprehensive materials. They put it all into perspective for me. “Thank You Dr. Melanie for your knowledge of the work and your ability to teach it in your charts and videos, I still use them daily as questions arise. I think I have them all. Thank You and Many Blessings!”

Diana Y. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Providence, RI

Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points
“I always keep your charts close at hand. I use them for two main reasons. One, to help guide me through protocols too complicated or long to memorize, and two, to educate my clients. Because the charts are so well organized, the clients find the information easy to understand. I love all the charts I have, but I probably use the Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating points charts most often. All your charts make Donna Eden’s work handy and accessible.”

Rose M – Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner – Chicago, IL

Acupressure Points, Seed Cells Charts
Melanie’s Well Within charts are GREAT. I love the clean, crisp images, and the information is always well organized. My favorites? The Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points, and the Seed Cells chart… but they’re all helpful. I’m going to buy some extra copies to keep upstairs, so I don’t have to run down to my office when I practice on myself!”

Ellen M. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Victoria, BC, Canada

Energy Medicine For Healthy Living Charts
The laminated charts are an excellent tool for visual learners. I have used them as a quick reference for our Study Group. When I am facilitating the ‘hands on’ part of our sessions, I can point to the information on a particular chart or lay them out on the table for participants to use. Both methods work well.”

Gail A. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Portland, OR

Black Pearl Chart
“Though I am currently using all of the charts I purchased from you and your creative department in Class One of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program, I simply have to comment on the Black Pearl Chart. It is clear, easily read, and laminated…as are all your other helpful charts….yet this one tells me WHY I’m doing what I’m doing! As a novice and a human who loves detail, this is the whipped cream on top of my Black Pearl practice. As I work, I am reminded what I am doing to assist the energy of the person who has so graciously volunteered to allow me to practice. Thank you for that…and all you do to help us as students in Energy Medicine.”

Kris K. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – Washington

Source Points DVD
I wanted to thank you for your wonderful DVD on Source Points. I always learn a lot of good information from watching your DVD’s. I love all of the little tidbits of information that you throw in along the way. For instance: I know that in energy medicine I should not use a magnet on a person with diabetes. However, before your DVD I really had no idea why. Now I know that magnets move energy and fluids and they can disrupt insulin levels. What an important piece of information that I needed to know. One of the ways that I learn new information is by understanding the ‘why’ part of it. Your tidbits on your DVD’s explain many of the ‘whys’ to me.”

Kim C. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner – Mission Viejo, CA

Seed Cells Chart
These laminated charts are great! I especially appreciate the seed cell chart. Before using the chart I had trouble remembering the procedure; after using Dr. Melanie’s chart, it’s now easy to do seed cells. Thanks so much!”

Lee B. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
I had the good fortune of being in one of Dr. Melanie Smith’s Energy Medicine classes. Her wellspring of knowledge is deep and clear. Her teaching style is precise and concise. Her clarity and ease are hallmarks of a master at work. Dr. Melanie’s blend of experience and scientific background add credibility to this new field of energy medicine.”

Christine S. – Michigan

Energy Medicine for Healthy Living Charts and DVD’s
“As a social worker of almost 30 years it is an honor to provide feedback on Melanie Smith’s DVD’s and charts. Her DVD’s and charts are extraordinary! For those wanting to learn Energy Medicine, her explanations are specific, yet clear. She has the ability to break down complex processes into an understandable and useable format. I’ve attended many Energy Medicine workshops and always gravitate to Dr. Melanie, Donna Eden and David Feinstein’s work.

If you are on a budget and want the best in learning aids, Dr. Melanie’s Charts and DVD’s will be the most helpful and provide the information that is essential in learning Eden Energy Medicine.”

Cathy A. – Colorado

Energy Medicine Session
One-hour with Dr. Melanie is like a mini- restorative vacation.”

Patricia L. – Largo, Florida

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
I really, really enjoyed your Energy Medicine for Healthy Living class tonight. What an immediate difference it made in my overall feeling and stress levels. Looking forward to the next class already!”

Jean R. – St. Petersburg, Florida

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie, Charts and DVD’s
I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you are teaching in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. I have learned so much from you this past year. I have been able to learn so well from your teaching style. Your presentation in the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Class # 3 was so lucid and polished. Even though I missed class #2, I did not fall behind because of the way you integrated all 14-Muscle Meridian Energy Tests and their corrections so clearly and logically. Your visuals have been extremely helpful, both your power point presentation in the class and your color laminated charts. Your Energy Medicine DVD’s and color- laminated charts have been indispensable for my mastering the Energy Medicine material. You are such an inspiration! Thank you! Thank you! Many blessings to you!!! May joy resonate around you every day of the New Year! Warm regards”

Kate M. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner/2008 – Corona Del Mar, CA

Energy Medicine for Eyes Chart and DVD
I just wanted to thank you for the eye charts you created along with the Energy Medicine for Eyes DVD. What a great idea to pair the directions with the target acupressure points!! The great idea part doesn’t surprise me at all. From what I see of your web site, you have a very creative character in business and probably in much of life. I hope your practice is so busy that you are booking weeks and weeks in advance. Much happiness and success to you!”

Laurie B. – Millford, MA

Vibe Liquid Multi-Vitamin
I want to thank you so much for suggesting VIBE and giving me some samples. I am so impressed with the product. I felt immediate results – I think my body was in desperate need of the nutrients after going through so much chemo. I would like to come by and get some more VIBE as soon as possible. Thanks again for recommending VIBE!”

Diane L. – St. Petersburg, FL

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
“In 2002 I attended Donna Eden’s Seminar on Energy Healing. (Having a history of Fibromyalgia, Migraines, and Acid Reflux, I was always looking for self healing.) I was impressed and excited about learning the techniques. I purchased Donna’s book and tapes. Needless to say, as badly as I needed to study the materials, my schedule did not permit it.

I started attending Dr. Melanie’s monthly Energy Medicine Study Group. I soon realized that no matter how tired or out of sorts I was, attending the Study Group healed and energized me.

I also quickly realized that Melanie is a gifted healer herself and her knowledge surpassed Energy Healing.

Melanie is a marvelous teacher. She knows her material in depth, is concise and very well spoken. Her presentations on healing techniques are covered in impeccable detail. Everything is taught at a layman’s level. No one is left behind.

Her classes, color laminated charts and DVD’s have provided me with valuable information. My daily Energy routines would not have been possible without them. They have given me that extra boost I need each day.”

Judy S. – Seminole, FL

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
Thanks for such a great Energy Medicine class. Your presentation at the Certification Program was quite helpful to me. I do love your very thorough and exact explanations. All the best to you!

Just a brief note of congratulations on teaching Class #3 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program! You did great! You flowered on stage and I was so proud of you! Your teaching style is phenomenal and your clarity appreciated by all. This Energy Medicine experience just keeps getting better and better.”

Jeff H. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program/Faculty – New York

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
“By the way, that point you showed us on the fleshy part of the thumb (Lung 10, I think) has really been helping with my cough and sore throat. Thanks for such a great Energy Medicine class! Your clarity in teaching has helped me a lot with the Certification Program. Thanks so much for everything!”

Nancy J. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – Maryland

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
Thank you for being a wonderful, smart, caring teacher. Thank you for sharing more than it was expected from you at the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program and for inspiring the quest for knowledge. I love the way you teach! Have a beautiful day!”

Eva G. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – Toronto, Canada

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
Just wanted to say “thank you” for your excellent teaching of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program Class # 3. You have a very clear teaching style — getting a lot of information across in a clear and concise way. Thank you for all the effort you put into your presentations.”

Ellen S. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner/2008 – Virginia

Energy Medicine Session with Dr. Melanie
“I had an arthritic condition for about a year and a half that I was taking medication for daily. I had to go to the doctor every three months to have my blood taken because this medication wasn’t good for the body. Without the medication, I was in quite a bit of pain. I am not one to take medication and really didn’t want to take it for the rest of my life since I was only in my mid 30’s. My mom referred me to Dr. Melanie. I really didn’t think there was anything she could do for me, but after about a month of acupuncture and energy medicine treatments, I noticed I didn’t need to take as much medication as I did before. After about 5 months of treatment, I didn’t need to take the medication at all! I was quite happy with this considering when I told my doctor that I didn’t intend to have this condition for the rest of my life, she told me my condition wasn’t something that would go away and that I would have it the rest of my life. I went off the medication completely 6 months after my initial visit with Dr. Melanie. I have been off the medication for 2 years and I consider myself “cured” thanks to Dr. Melanie!!”

Sue R. – St. Petersburg, FL

Energy Medicine for Healthy Living Charts
I attended the Donna Eden 5-day Energy Medicine intensive training in Santa Fe and purchased both sets of your color-laminated charts. I’ve been working with them every day since the training and just wanted to take a moment to thank you for pulling together Donna Eden’s information in such an easy-to-understand and use fashion.

Little by little all of the information that I learned in the training is coming together and as I practice the Energy Medicine techniques I realize how much your charts have helped my progress. Many thanks!”

Deborah P. – Arizona

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
Thanks Melanie for a GREAT Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program class – I learned a lot working with you. I really appreciate your teaching style. Blessings!”

Sage M. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – FL

Clearing and Manifesting Energies
I enjoyed your Clearing & Manifesting class at the Energy Medicine Study Group. I like the way you create a flowing experience, relaxing yet full of good energy and valuable teachings. I enjoyed experiencing the way you lead us in linking that burning bowl ritual holistically using Energy Medicine.”

Gale T. – Michigan

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
Thanks Melanie for doing such a great job teaching at the last Eden Energy Medicine Certification Class. Your class helped me integrate much of my learning and I am surprised how it now all makes sense and is fitting together.”

Bill B. – Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner/2008 – California

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
“You were awesome as a teacher at the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program!”

Anne G. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Student – California

Energy Medicine Session with Dr. Melanie
What Dr. Melanie’s Treatments Have Done For Me: I suffer from Fibromyalgia, chronic shoulder and back pain, migraine headaches and severe acid reflux.

I am the sole caregiver of a family member with Alzheimer’s and routinely log an 18-20 hour day. I have been receiving treatments from Dr. Melanie on a regular basis since July 2003. She has been a life saver for me. Her healing modalities of Massage, Gua Sha, Acupuncture, and Energy Work always provide me with “instant” relief. I am consistently pain-free at the end of each session with an extra bonus of feeling relaxed and calm.

In the last 20 years, I can honestly say, no Medical Doctor, Chiropractor, etc., has ever provided these results.”

Judy S. – Seminole, FL

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
I felt so much a part of such a great team at the Eden Energy Medicine Certification program. The teachers on stage were awesome and I learned so much from the presentations – it is fascinating to get this information in so many ways. It is such an honor to be part of something that is really the way of the future, especially with the depth of heart and love at the center of the program.

Melanie – you really did a fantastic job, thank you for the dedication, love and hard work you put into the administration and teaching of Class #1 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. The students really GET it, thanks to the wonderful presentations filled with heart and humor and our small group times to hone the skills and answer the questions!”

Sue P. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program/Faculty – Maryland

Energy Medicine Classes with Dr. Melanie
I just want to congratulate you on an excellent job of teaching CP#3 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program!! You were clear, interesting and full of information and you were able to capture and keep everyone’s attention. Thank you for doing such a great job. Hooray!!!!!! Warmest blessings!”

Kathy C. – Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program/Faculty – Portland, OR

Practice Management
“After reviewing your presentation on Energy Medicine for Practice Management, all I can say is: WOW! It is awesome! People are going to love it, and I think even the most seasoned business owner will get a great deal out of it. Thank you for doing this! I love this presentation. Thank you again, for this amazing piece of work! People will love it! I sure do!”

Vicki M. – EEMCP Faculty – Illinois

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