Energy Medicine for Clearing your Clutter

Elizabeth Jones, world renowned Astrologer says, “In 2012 more than ever there is a strong focus to get your house in order. Simplify, de-clutter, and organize your home and health to bring yourself into alignment with the Universal Energies.”

Our external environment is a reflection of our internal environment.  Our homes are telling a story of who we are inside.  Sometimes we forget that everything has an energy including the “stuff” that surrounds us.  I invite you to look around your environment and ask your self – Does this represent who I truly am?  Some times the best place to start clearing our physical and emotional baggage is right in our own homes and offices.  One of the biggest culprits of feeling stuck in our lives or experiencing stagnant energy is Clutter.  Energy needs space to move! Clutter is ultimately an energy block that impacts our health, relationships, careers, and prosperity.

Have you ever walked into a person’s home and immediately felt comfortable or at ease?  Or maybe the opposite, you felt like you could not get out of there fast enough?  You are feeling the energy of the space.  Take a moment and slowly walk through your home or office.  Begin at the front door and gradually move from room to room with new eyes.  Notice how you feel physically and emotionally as you enter each room.  What do you see, feel or smell?  Does it look warm and inviting?  Does it feel chaotic and cluttered?  Does it look clean and organized?  Do you feel overwhelmed, depressed, or stressed?  Is this a room you would “like” to sit in, relax in, eat in, work in, or sleep in?  The good news is that you don’t need to be a Feng Shui expert to clear your clutter.

Before we can start clearing out the clutter, it is important to understand why we hold on to more things than we have to.  Otherwise, we will de-clutter only to re-clutter again.  Some emotional contributors to clutter include denial, overwhelm, fear of letting go, guilt, anger, and embarrassment.

So for 2015, lets lighten our load and let our environments be a true reflection of who we are in this world.

Spring Cleaning for Wellness

One way to regain your connection with Mother Earth is by Spring Cleaning.  This can be a cleansing of our home, environment, our minds and/or our bodies.

Thoroughly cleaning our living and work environments can help us feel less scattered and more grounded. Although the term “Spring Cleaning” typically refers to hours of deep, deep cleaning, we can also productively cleanse our environments with shorter bursts of concentrated effort. Not only does the look of our surroundings improve, but the smell and feel are better with a good cleaning.

Another aspect of our lives we can Spring Clean is our minds. Even in the short term, we can develop negative thought patterns that do not lend to a sense of grounding. Take time to reflect on your thought processes. Determine which ones need to be cleaned out and which ones need to be added in to really disinfect your mind.

Finally, our bodies can also use a Spring Cleaning.  Look at your daily grooming, eating and exercising habits.  Set goals that will clean out the Winter doldrums to improve your health and vitality.