Energy Medicine for Depression

Depression is different from normal feelings of sadness, grief, or low energy. It is an illness that causes you to feel sad and hopeless more often than not. While depression is nothing to take lightly, the most important thing to know is that there are many effective treatments—in fact it is one of the most successfully treated illnesses.

We want to treat depression, because when it is untreated, not only can it last for years, but depression can affect our relationships and our ability to work and live effectively. It can even lead to other problems with our physical health. For example, in the elderly, depression doubles the risk of developing cardiac diseases and can interfere with recovery from other illnesses.

Energetically, while everyone is different, typically depression can appear as if the energy is sinking, the aura is collapsed, and we are in a homolateral state, among other symptoms. We don’t feel fully ourselves; we don’t feel like we have much energy to be proactive and introducing self-care may feel challenging. If self-care is too much that is a good indicator that you may want to reach out to a qualified practitioner.

Energy medicine is just one of many healing modalities to help with depression. It’s important that you find the one that resonates with you.  Over the years, I have found that an integrated approach seems to work best.  Depending on the severity, for many of my clients with depression, I also suggest counseling and medication and/or nutritional supplementation as well as adjustments to diet, exercise and becoming more aware of negative thinking patterns. 

You will want to watch the Energy Medicine for Depression video to learn specific energy medicine tools for healing.  Other important elements to support one’s healing journey include:

  • Share your feelings and spend time with supportive friends and family—don’t be isolated. This is so very important because when you are feeling depressed there can be a tendency to want to isolate.  Feelings of shame, sadness, or overwhelm can make reaching out challenging, but it one of the most significant pieces for healing. 
  • Seek help from a Professional

  • Stay active-in addition to exercise, try to keep up with hobbies and interests

  • Be realistic about your goals

  • Accept help from others

  • Spend time with a pet

  • Be in Nature

  • Read funny books or watch funny movies-if you are feeling depressed, try to avoid watching/taking in anything with a low vibration. Focus on things that raise your vibration. Movies loaded with violence and negativity won’t help. You want to engage in activities that are uplifting.

  • Listen to music, a proven mood lightener

  • Volunteering to help others can be very beneficial

  • Get Educated about depression 

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