Energy Medicine Quick Tips for Immune Health



Strengthening the Auric Field: 

Weaving Figure 8's

The Auric Field is your body’s first line of defense for a healthy immune system.  It is one of our 9 Energy Systems and is a vital communication link connecting with the other systems.  Just like the Earth has an atmosphere that surrounds and protects her, your body’s protective suit is the Aura.  It is comprised of multiple bands extending out from your physical body.  When we are ill, our Aura tends to collapse inward to help protect us and help us heal.  Many people can benefit from a stronger Auric Field.  Every cell of your being contains a Double Helix Strand of DNA.  If you have seen DNA, it looks like a big Figure 8 pattern.  This is your body’s natural healing imprint.  It’s in every cell, tissue and organ.  It is also the pattern the body relies on to cross energy from the right side of your brain to the left side of your body and vice a versa.  Let’s activate the healing power of your DNA and strengthen your Aura by moving your arms in Figure 8 patterns all around your body.  You can put music on and dance as you begin to move your hips in a Figure 8 pattern as well.  You will also begin to active another of the 9 Energy Systems your Radiant Circuits. When activated the Radiant Circuits will keep your immune system strong and vibrant.  Another excellent way to clear and strengthen your Auric field is to spin a round crystal all around your body.

Hook Up   Hook Up

The Hook Up connects two key meridians Central and Governing that feed energy out into all of your energy systems.  It fortifies your Aura, protects your Chakras, connects to all Meridians, the 5-Elements, calms Triple Warmer and supports Spleen, activates the Radiant Circuits, hooks into The Electrics, the Celtic Weave, and the deepest Energy System The Grid.  The Hook Up is so simple, yet so powerful.

Place one middle finger in the navel and the other middle finger between your eyebrows.  Gently press in and lift up on your inhalation.  Hold for 30 seconds then exhale and repeat a few times.

Tap the Thymus

Tap the Thymus gland over the center of your chest to BOTH calm the energies of Triple Warmer (your fight or flight response mechanism) and to strengthen your immune function.  It is one of the few ways I know to reduce your stress and increase your immune function simultaneously.  As you know, stress is one of the primary causes for compromised immune function and many diseases.  Tapping the Thymus has been shown to increase T-Helper Cells.  T1 cells help protect you against cancer, supports HIV and kills viruses. T2 cells go after bacteria.  They are also beneficial for allergies and auto-immune diseases.

One of the best ways to fight off allergens and boost your immune function is to Sedate Triple Warmer and Strengthen Spleen.   The Spleen Neuro-lymphatics are easy to do on yourself and will boost your metabolism while detoxifying your immune system.  Our lifestyle messes with our immune function from high sugar intake, alcohol, stress, trans fats, lack of exercise, mercury fillings, to pesticides and chemical additives in our food.  Our immune system is constantly being compromised.  You can tap or massage one rib directly below the nipple over the Spleen Neuro-lymphatic points to strengthen your immune function and boost your metabolism.  Then massage and tap along the midline of the body below the armpit to fortify your Spleen.  The Spleen Meridian ends here at SP 21.   This point is called the Great Luo-Connecting point.  It is a gateway into your lymphatic system as it moves Qi and blood and reduces pain.

Triple Warmer Smoothie 

The Triple Warmer Smoothie will calm your nervous system as you begin tracing from the outside of the eyebrow to the opening of the ear, up and over the ear as you smooth behind it down to your shoulders. Give your shoulders a squeeze.  Repeat often.  When the energy of Triple Warmer is out of balance, it first pulls extra energy it wants from the Spleen.  This helps explain why living in a stress-filled environment is the cause of many diseases.  Our immune system grabs diseased cells, tagsSpinal Flush them and moves them out of our body through our lymphatic system.  

Spinal Flush

The Spinal Flush works best when done with a partner.  It moves lymph to flush toxins and clears stagnant energies.  It calms the nervous system, de-stresses and releases emotional stagnation while grounding the body’s energies.  By moving lymph you are supporting immune function.  Use it when you feel sick, sluggish, overly emotional or just can’t deal with one more issue.  Massage along each side of the spine with medium pressure.

4 Thumps

The 4 Thumps

The first Thump – K27 is the last point on the Kidney meridian located just below the collarbone on each side of your breastbone.  Tapping it will strengthen your immune system; boost and restore your overall energy level; reduce fatigue; move lymph; improve focus and memory; keep energy moving forward through all of your meridians; improve eye health; and help to sync in that Figure 8 cross over energy pattern from the Brain.  You will want to massage or tap these points frequently.  The second Thump – CV17 is the Sea of Qi and also called the Sea of Tranquility.  It is located between the breasts, level with the nipples at the mid-line of your breastbone.  Tapping or massaging it increases energy flow, reduces fatigue, calms the mind and the heart, while reducing stress.

10 natural ways to boost your immune system
1. Go ahead and laugh. 
Laughter lowers the production of stress hormones and increases the release of endorphins, the bodies natural “feel-good” chemicals. This combination helps increase immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies.      
2. Meditate.  Daily meditation is excellent for your immune system.  Meditation with a mindful approach to daily living will reduce your stress for sure!
3. Eat Healthy fruits and vegetables especially those that are high in Vitamins A, C, E, B-6, zinc and folic acid, which are all beneficial in creating a healthy immune system. 
4. Drink H2O. Drinking plenty of water.  It  helps to carry  oxygen to all the cells of your body, which keeps your body functioning well and your immune system is strongest when all your cells are in tip top shape. Water also flushes toxins out of your body.  
5. Wash your insides with probiotics. Probiotics, live organisms, are often referred as the “good guys” because as our intestines are stripped of all the “bad” stuff through frequent antibiotic use, it also kills the “good guys.” Often the “good guys” can be built back up with probiotic supplements or copious amounts of yogurt.
6. Exercise regularly.  Exercise is linked to a positive immune system response and a temporary boost to the cells that attack bacteria. Long-term, consistent exercise leads to overall better immune system health. 
7. Sleep enough. The immune system needs time to work while you are sleeping. Lack of sleep (fewer than seven hours a night) stresses the body and a stressed body can’t function properly.
8. Don’t skimp on the Garlic.
Garlic contains three powerful compounds (allicin, ajoene and thiosulfinates) that help prevent and fight infections in the body. Studies show that those who ingest large quantities of garlic when they start to get sick will reduce the longevity of the cold.
9. Drink green tea. Several studies have shown that green tea has antiviral properties. It also is said to help suppress appetite which leads to weight-loss control.
10. Have Sex. Having sex once or twice a week is connected to higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, or IgA, which helps protect you from infections and illnesses.
I work with hundreds of people every year with immune related illnesses and have found that energy medicine offers the relief so many people are looking for.   I have also found that many people have tried numerous traditional and alternative approaches for immune health with limited success.  If you are one of those people, don’t be discouraged.  It is so important to find and work with a practitioner that has extensive experience with immune imbalances.  Since there is a high correlation between emotions and stress to immune health, it is also important that the practitioner be skilled in working with the emotional component as well as the physical related issues.   Before scheduling an appointment with any practitioner, go to their website and review their biography to be sure that they have the necessary credentials and experience.   Don’t hesitate to  call or email a practitioner directly and ask how much experience they have had with working with your particular challenge.   A good practitioner will be open and honest and if they don’t have the experience in a particular area, they will let you know and recommend you to a practitioner who does.

Immune Health Benefits of Coconut Oil

coconut_coconuts_exotic_220805It is often heard that we need to avoid saturated fat in our diet.  Is all saturated fat created equal?

Coconut oil is by nature a saturated fat, but it is also a nutritional superfood.  The saturated fat we should avoid contains long-chain fatty acids.  The fatty acids in coconut oil are medium-chain and very beneficial to our health.

Besides being a healthy fat, coconut oil also provides some health benefits that boost the immune system:

  • Protects against heart disease
  • Kills disease-causing bacteria and viruses
  • Slows sugar released into bloodstream (important for diabetics)
  • Prevents and heals skin issues
  • Boosts metabolism and increases energy
  • Prevents strokes and brain disorders

In our day, coconut oil is easy to find at most grocery stores.  When shopping for it, keep in mind that not all coconut oil is equivalent.  Look for either “Virgin or “Extra-virgin” coconut oil and the least refined oil as possible.