Advanced Clearing and Manifesting Energies™ – Online Video With eBook

Foundational Clearing and Manifesting Energies™ Online Video with 7-page Instructional eBook

This is a technique developed by Dr. Melanie that goes beyond the basic and usual energy methods for removing stuck patterns, habits and limiting beliefs. This online video provides practitioners a new methodology to clear underlying emotions on a cellular level. This technique can be used for life issues such as financial difficulty, loss of a job, or a relationship break up. However, it has also been successful working with deeper issues such as trauma, PTSD, Chronic pain, or any emotional challenge such as depression or anxiety that is blocking one’s full potential.

Emotions are cleared by working with the 5-Element System from Traditional Chinese Medicine using Pulse Points, Neurovasculars and visualization in combination with your choice of a variety of “Energetic Schematic Overlays” (ie Organs, Endocrine Glands, Meridians, Chakras, Source Points, Neurolymphatics, Neurovasculars) to release the emotion on a cellular level.

Previous experience with Energy Medicine is required for this technique. It is designed for the experienced Energy Medicine Practitioner to use with their clients. It is suggested that one reviews the Basic “Clearing and Manifesting Energies™” Online prior to learning this technique. Also, you may want to recommend the Basic “Clearing and Manifesting Energies™” to your clients to practice on themselves and reinforce the work you have done.

Video Length: 2 hours

*Once you have purchased the online video, you will receive an email with the link, login and password to access the video.


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