Energetic Resiliency in the Electromagnetic Era of 5g

Become empowered with effective and easy-to-learn Energy Medicine practices to keep your biofield strong and resilient against increasing electromagnetic field (EMF) levels in the newly emerging era of 5G wireless data technology.

This Course is taught by Dr.  Melanie.  It is purchased and hosted at The Shift Network. Once you click on the Register Button below you will be connected to The Shift Network Website.  Once there, please scroll to the bottom of the page, to purchase the course.

In this 7-Module skill-developing course that you can take at your own pace and have unlimited access, you will:


  • Begin to understand electromagnetic radiationand why wavelength, frequency, and distance are significant
  • Learn the important role of the vagus nerveas a calming influence in fortifying your energy systems to thrive in our modern world
  • Discover things to knowand things to do to implement an “Emph” EMF plan for resiliency!
  • Learn to identify the EMFsin your external environment that may be impacting you
  • Explore how to clear, reset, and activate the Celtic Weave energies to strengthen your auric field and keep it attached
  • Identify the most important energy systems to increase Wei Qi (Defensive Qi)to help you create a healthy, resilient energy matrix
  • Create your own energetic “Faraday Cage”— an enclosure formed by a continuous covering of conductive material used to block EMFs
  • Work with the new Aura Filter technique to clear and activate the pineal gland, power point, and third-eye chakra
  • Set your intention to thrivein a modern, electronic world… developing a mindset of evolving, rather than fearing
  • And much more…


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