Energy Mastery for Brain Health – Online Video Series With eBook

The Energy Mastery for Brain Health Online Video Series includes over 10 hours of new information with a compatible 30-page eBook. This video series is ready to stream online and you can also download the videos and save them to your computer.

This series offers energy tools for self-care, as well as, protocols for Energy Medicine Students and Practitioners. You will be able to start using the material right away to improve your brain health and/or the brain health of your friends, family members or clients.

Loaded with leading-edge material on energy medicine and brain health, Dr. Melanie provides excellent resources as well as clear demonstration and instruction to help you:

  • Maintain healthy, strong brain function even as we age
  • Understand the nutritional impact on brain fog, memory, concentration and overall brain health
  • Prevent decline of brain health through energy work and exercises
  • Understand the causes and conditions of neurological imbalances and decipher brain buzz words like: nuerons, dendrites, synapses and neuroplasticity
  • Learn the important basics of neuro-anatomy and physiology of the brain
  • Identify life style factors to improve brain health including the impact of stress, low fat diets, poor nutrition, electromagnetic frequencies and toxins in your environment

This video series is designed for both students and practitioners interested in enhancing their skills as it relates to improving brain health and addressing neurological imbalances.

Knowledge of energy testing/applied kinesiology; meridians; nine energy systems; alarm points; strengthening and sedating points; chakras; electrics system; radiant circuits; neurovascular holding points; and neurolymphatic points is highly recommended.

*Once you have purchased the online video series, you will receive an email with the link, login and password to access the online video series.

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