Source The Flow – Online Video With eBook

Source The Flow Online Video with 5-Page Instructional eBook

Source The Flow is excellent for client’s who have had an organ removed, for organ transplant, for surgery (pre-and post-op), as well as, any imbalance specific to an organ such as a heart condition, diabetes (spleen), hepatitis (liver), interstitial cystitis (urinary bladder), Kidney stones, Gall stones, and Crohn’s disease (large intestine). It is amazingly gentle and powerful for all types of cancer. This online series includes Dr. Melanie demonstrating on three different clients with various organ related issues, as well as an instructional eBook.

This energy medicine technique works with meridian Source Points in a new way to create balance and harmony at the organ level. By connecting Yin/Yang partners you will work with the organs on a deeper elemental level as you balance the body’s energies via the Meridian Flow Wheel.

This technique is recommended for people who have some experience with energy medicine and it is very helpful for practitioners. Knowledge of energy testing/applied kinesiology; meridians; nine energy systems; alarm points; strengthening and sedating points; chakras; electrics system; radiant circuits; neurovascular holding points; and neurolymphatic points is recommended.

Length: 2 hour 10 minutes

*Once you have purchased the online video series, you will receive an email with the link, login and password to access the online video.


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