Stress Relief for Self-Care With Energy Medicine

In this online video you will learn easy and effective energy medicine self-care tools to reduce your stress. Whether it’s day to day stress of driving in traffic or more challenging problems like an argument with a spouse, finances, or work, these techniques will shift your energies from Stress to Calm.

Stress has an energy all its own. It can sweep us off our feet in an instant. It can stop us in our tracks and it can put us down for the count. By working with your own energy systems to change patterns, habits and limiting beliefs, you can take back your power and your health.

For Stress Free Living, it is imperative to stay grounded, centered and balanced on a daily basis to more easily maneuver the ebb and flow of our lives.

Join Dr. Melanie for this brand NEW 2-hour Online and Downloadable video Stress Relief for Self-Care with Energy Medicine. It includes 29 self-care protocols and comes with a 32-page eBook.


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