Energy Medicine for the Aura

Each of us has a “human energy field” that surrounds and permeates our physical body known as our Auric field. This field has many purposes, including: connecting us to nourishing energies, protecting us from undesirable energies and attracting positive energies to us. It is composed of colored bands or energetic frequencies. Your Aura is your body’s first line of defense in protecting your Immune System. It is especially important to keep it strong during the Winter cold and flu season. Because the Auric field is constantly evolving based on our experiences, it’s important to have it checked and corrected if necessary.

What can create an imbalance in the Aura?

Constantly feeling overwhelmed, frightened, weak or frail can cause Aura imbalances. Also, such experiences as chronic illness, having an accident, losing a loved one, a near-death experience as well as other significant life stressors can weaken the Aura. Other possible sources of Aura imbalances include environmental pollutants, diet, fluorescent lights, computers, WIFI, cell phones and other electromagnetic energies.

Some signs that excessive toxins exist in your aura are: over sensitivity to aromas, sounds and other sensations; repeated colds or flu; low emotional, mental and physical endurance and existence of chronic pain. Toxins that stagnate in the Auric field will compromise it’s ability to protect your body from illness. A clear, strong, healthy Aura helps to raise your energetic vibration and keeps you feeling resilient and happy.

How to Strengthen the Aura:

1. There are a number of steps you can take to strengthen your Aura. One simple and often effective way is weaving Figure 8’s around your body.

2. You can also trace tiny Figure 8’s around any areas you suspect to have toxins such as: a Chakra, an organ, a joint, an injured area, broken bone, surgery site, any area of pain or discomfort, or around your entire body.
3. Another tool to fully weave your Auric field is The Lotus Blossom. Click here for a video.

4. You can also use a small, round, cut-glass crystal to spin all around your body to clear stagnant energies and release toxins.

5. One of my favorites is to take a selenite wand and swipe it through the Aura or you can hold the wand as you weave the Figure 8’s.

6. Consider the source of the toxins and eliminate them as soon as possible.

7. Use these steps to develop a strong Aura and then use our Foundational Clearing and Manifesting Energies protocol to raise your energetic vibration and manifest that which you desire.

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