Energy Medicine for Clearing and Manifesting

Learn to remove negative, stuck patterns and manifest the life you want by combining the Law of Attraction with Energy Medicine techniques. Clearing and Manifesting Energies™ is an excellent tool to use for life transitions including changes in job, relationships, career, relocation or move, empty nesting, physical illness, financial difficulty, loss of a loved one or daily life stressors. Trapped negative energy can block us from bringing positive things to our lives. In this 2.5 hour online video with an Instructional eBook, you will learn how to clear out the blocks, bring in the joy and set your intention on what you desire to manifest. This technique can be shared with a large group, can be used one-on-one with a client or for your own personal growth. It is easy to do and does not require any previous experience with Energy Medicine. See a preview of the Clearing and Manifesting Online Video below.

Clearing and Manifesting is
the Secret to the Secret

To Purchase Clearing and Manifesting Energies™ Online Video with an Instructional eBook, visit our Energy Medicine Store.

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Quick Tip for Creating a Higher Vibrational Frequency

An Energy Inventory is a great way to begin to identify how we are doing vibrationally. Becoming more aware of our own energetic vibration is very powerful. A simple and general rule of thumb is that when you are feeling positive feelings such as happiness, joy, peace, contentment, excitement, exhilaration etc, you can be sure your vibration is high. The more often you feel good, the higher your vibration will be, thus the easier you will be able to manifest that which you desire.

Feelings such as sadness, depression, negativity, anger, guilt, remorse will create a low energetic vibration blocking our abundance. We all experience “low” feelings and it does not mean you should deny or stuff your feelings, but it is also important that you don’t get stuck in them. Reliving or rehashing unwanted or negative experiences creates negative energetic patterns. So it is important to take care of releasing these patterns as they emerge.

Completing Your Energy Vibration Inventory

Our energetic vibration changes as our feelings and emotions shift. Our goal is to develop energetic skills to keep us positive and happy, thus vibrating at a higher frequency. A skilled Energy Medicine Practitioner can provide you with a thorough assessment of how well your energy systems are flowing which ultimately is linked to how healthy you are emotionally and physically. To get a general idea of how you are resonating day to day, you can complete your own Energy Vibration Inventory by taking the following steps:
1. Get a piece of paper and create three columns: In column one list your daily activities. While our days are not always the same, there are some activities that we do most days. Some examples may be: Daily Energy Routine, cook dinner for my family, work, laundry, grocery shopping, watch TV, exercise, meditate etc.

2. In the second column write an estimated percentage of the amount of time that you do this activity.

3. In the third column, rate how you feel while doing the activity. (5-Excellent, 4-Good, 3-Neutral, 2-Poor, 1-Very Poor).

4. Add up the total number of 5, 4, 3, 2’s and 1’s. If you mostly have 5’s and 4’s, you are likely to be attracting good things and feeling pretty well. If you received mostly 1’s and 2’s, then we invite you to make some energetic shifts to raise your vibration and improve your health. You can begin now by joining us for our Energy Medicine Quick Tip: Clearing Toxins from the Auric Field.

5. To really clear out the old and bring in the new, you will want to do the Routine in our Foundational Clearing and Manifesting Energies Online Video. It’s powerful, fun, can be used over and over to release energetic blocks, clear emotional imbalances, stuck patterns, and limiting beliefs that are being held in your body’s cellular memory. And it’s loaded with lots of tools and affirmations.

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