Energy Medicine for Clearing your Clutter

How to Declutter Your Life

Our external environment is a reflection of our internal environment. Our homes tell a story of who we are inside. Sometimes we forget that everything has an energy, including the “stuff” that surrounds us. I invite you to look around your environment and ask yourself – Does this represent who I truly am? The best place to start clearing our physical and emotional baggage is right in our own home. One of the biggest culprits of feeling stuck in our lives or experiencing stagnant energy is clutter. Energy needs clutterspace to move! Clutter is ultimately an energy block that impacts our health, relationships, career, and prosperity.
Have you ever walked into a person’s home and immediately felt comfortable or at ease? Or maybe the opposite, you felt like you could not get out of there fast enough? You are feeling the energy of the space. Take a moment and slowly walk through your home or office. Begin at the front door and gradually move from room to room with new eyes. Notice how you feel physically and emotionally as you enter each room. What do you see, feel or smell? Does it look warm and inviting? Does it feel chaotic and cluttered? Does it look clean and organized? Do you feel overwhelmed, depressed, or stressed? Is this a room conducive to sit in, relax in, eat in, work in, or sleep in? The good news is that you don’t need to be a Feng Shui expert to clear your clutter.

A simple way to get started is to get three large boxes. Label the boxes, “Keep”, “Donate” and “Throw Away.” Go to each room in your home and begin to weed through your “belongings.” If you have not used something in over a year, it is often a good idea to donate it or throw it away, especially those items that have been squeezed into your closet, garage or storage units.

Letting go can bring up emotions of denial, overwhelm, fear, guilt, grief, anger and embarrassment. Don’t let these emotions stop you from moving forward. Be with them, feel them and release them. You truly will feel a sense of freedom and relief when you finish the process. If you are having trouble, call on a friend or family member to support you. Don’t be stuck another year with your clutter.

Cleansing with Sage:

Once you have de-cluttered, the next step is to clear out any negative energies or vibrations. There are lots of ways to clear negative energy from a room. The easiest and most powerful is “smudging” with sage. Below are steps to a simple cleansing ritual that I always do in January. I also do it whenever I sense or feel any negativity has accumulated in my space.

1. Purchase a smudge stick made of common herbs like sage, cedar, sweet grass and lavender. I prefer to use loose leaf white sage free of any potential chemicals. Have a tray available so that you can put out the smudge stick when you are done and also to let the ashes drop as you move along from room to room.

2. Open all your windows and turn on the fans. This is not only great for moving the energy, but it usually stops the fire alarm from going off. The intention here is to release any impurities or negative energies and to clear the way for new and inspiring energies.

3. As you go to each room, set the intention for that room. Some people also refer to the intention as a prayer or blessing. Use what resonates with you. For example, my intention for my kitchen may be: “May this room provide healthy, nutritious and healing food to nurture and support all who eat here.” Hold that intention as the smoke moves through the room and get into the feeling space of that intention, (joy, ease, satisfaction).

4. If the particular space you are clearing has some kind of negative connotation, you may want to add an intention about seeing that negativity released and freed from that room.

5. It’s also a great time to clear the energy from your healing room and office too.

6. After you smudge all the rooms, take time to smudge yourself and anyone else living in the house. You can visualize any unhelpful or negative energies moving from the body. Then make statements of gratitude and appreciation as they relate to your home and all those that live in it.

If you are looking to clear out specific issues that may be bothering you such as improving your finances, attracting the love of your life, or finding a new career, then you will find our Foundational Clearing and Manifesting Energies Online Video to be an easy step by step process to help you raise your vibration to attract your heart’s desire.

For those deep-rooted emotional issues, I suggest you work with an Energy Medicine Practitioner. As a practitioner, my favorite go to protocol for emotions is Advanced Clearing and Manifesting Energies. This powerful technique is designed to release underlying emotions where they are stored cellularly in the body allowing energy to move and healing to begin. We can’t expect things to change unless we take the steps to make that change happen. Let this be your year of expansion and manifestation! Let’s lighten our load and let our environment be a true reflection of who we are in this world. Change your energy to change your life!

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