Energy Medicine for Fibromyalgia

What is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) affects an estimated 2 percent of the population. Research shows that up to 90 percent of people with fibromyalgia have turned to complementary and alternative medicine to manage their symptoms. Acupuncture and other forms of energy medicine, in particular, have become popular treatment choices for fibromyalgia. I have had the privilege of witnessing many clients heal through the use of energy medicine and acupuncture. You will learn how important it is to do the Homolateral Crossover Re-patterning exercise, balance Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridians and to address past emotional trauma to solve this energetic puzzle.
Fibromyalgia is a medically unexplained syndrome characterized by chronic widespread pain, a heightened and painful response to pressure, insomnia, fatigue and depression. While not all affected persons experience all associated symptoms, the following symptoms commonly occur together:
  • chronic pain
  • debilitating fatigue
  • difficulty sleeping
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • joint stiffness
  • chronic headaches
  • dryness in mouth, nose, and eyes
  • hypersensitivity
  • inability to concentrate (called “fibro fog” or “brain fog”)
  • incontinence
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • numbness, tingling or poor circulation in the hands and feet
  • painful menstrual cramps
  • restless legs syndrome
Fibromyalgia is diagnosed when there is a history of widespread pain in all four quadrants of the body for a minimum duration of three months and pain when pressure is applied to at least 11 of 18 designated tender points on the body. On its own fibromyalgia does not result in any physical damage to the body or its tissues and there are no laboratory tests which can confirm this diagnosis.

Symptoms often begin after a physical or emotional trauma, but in many cases there appears to be no triggering event. Women are more prone to develop the disorder than are men, and the risk of fibromyalgia increases with age.

An Oriental Medicine Perspective

The Oriental medicine theory of pain is expressed in this famous Chinese saying: “Bu tong ze tong, tong ze bu tong” which means “free flow: no pain, no free flow: pain.”

Pain is seen as a disruption of the flow of Qi within the body. The disruption of Qi that results in fibromyalgia is usually associated with disharmonies of the Liver, Spleen, Kidney and Heart Systems.

The Acupuncture and Energy Medicine Treatment

Oriental Medicine does not recognize fibromyalgia as one particular disease pattern. Instead, it aims to treat the specific symptoms that are unique to each individual relevant to their constitution, emotional state, intensity and location of their pain, digestive health, sleeping patterns and an array of other signs and symptoms. Therefore, if 10 people are treated with Oriental medicine for fibromyalgia, each of these 10 people will receive a unique, customized treatment with different acupuncture points, different nutritional supplements and different lifestyle and dietary recommendations.

Because symptoms of fibromyalgia vary greatly from one person to another, a wide array of traditional and alternative treatments have been shown to be the most effective way of treating this difficult syndrome. A treatment program may include a combination of acupuncture, energy medicine techniques, energy psychology techniques (Clearing and Manifesting Energies™, Advanced Clearing and Manifesting Energies™), energy medicine exercises, nutritional supplements and bodywork.

Energy Medicine Quick Tips for Fibromyalgia

1. Do the Daily Energy Medicine Routine. If you are new to Energy Medicine, download our free eBook to get started.

2. Homolateral Crossover Re-Patterning – with Fibromyalgia the body’s energies are not properly crossing over from the left and right sides of the brain. An easy way to begin to shift this pattern is to take your index finger and beginning between your eyebrows, trace a large Figure 8 around your eyes several times and then repeat in the opposite direction. The more times a day you do this exercise, the faster this pattern will change. (For the full exercise and more information, see page 19 of our eBook.)

3. Balancing Triple Warmer and Spleen Meridians – while there are many ways to do this holding the Triple Warmer Acupressure Sedating points and the Spleen Strengthening points are the most functional.

4. Triple Warmer Sedating Points — hold First Pair (TW10 and ST36) for 3-minutes on each side of your body and then hold Second Pair (TW 2 and UB 66) for 1.5 minutes on each side of your body.
Spleen Strengthening Points — hold First Pair (SP2 and HT8) for 3-minutes on each side of your body and then hold Second Pair (SP1 and LV1) for 1.5 minutes on each side of your body.

Eat Nutrient Dense Foods for Fibromyalgia

The National Fibromyalgia Association recommends a balanced diet containing nutrient dense foods free of artificial additives and sweeteners to help your body fight fibromyalgia symptoms. Incorporate these nutrient rich foods in your next meal.

B-Complex – Found in whole grains, beans, nuts, chicken, fish and eggs; B-complex vitamins directly influence the nervous system’s proper functioning and combat nerve problems such as tingling, numbness and tenderness.

Magnesium – Found in nuts, grains, beans, fish, meat and dark green vegetables magnesium is needed for muscle flexibility and bone, protein and fatty acid formation. Magnesium is also integral in making new cells, relaxing muscles, clotting blood and activating B vitamins.

Omega 3 – Directly affecting cellular function this fatty acid found in fish minimizes nerve sensitivity and improves cognition.

Vitamin C – Helps combat stress, builds the immune system, and reduces swelling. Vitamin C is found in a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables including citrus fruits, green vegetables, tomatoes, and berries.

Water – Increases circulation of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and helps to eliminate waste and detox.

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