Energy Medicine for Heart Health and Stress

Stress Affects Heart Health

Having worked with many health-related conditions for almost two decades, there are two things that I have come to know for sure: 1. There is an underlying stress component and 2. There is an underlying emotional component.

How is this possible? One way this happens is that the hormone cortisol is released when we are under stress. Cortisol is actually called the “stress hormone” because of the extensive role it plays in the body’s response to stress. When we have high levels of stress over extended periods of time, our bodies produce too much cortisol. What eventually happens is that the brain’s internal compass resets and tells the body that the new high level of cortisol is “normal.”

Why does this matter? This matters because your body will (even in times of low stress) continually react like you are under extreme stress. This wreaks havoc on your body, leads to health problems and creates a lengthy recovery time.

The good news is that without fail, time and time again, reducing stress and clearing the emotions will open the pathway for healing. There are a number of Energy Medicine tools that everyone can learn to “Open the Heart,” and shift old stress patterns.

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