Energy Medicine for Heart Health and Trusting Your Gut

Did you ever notice in the movies, the person having a heart attack usually grabs their left arm or chest in extreme pain? In reality though, symptoms of a heart attack for women are much different. Some symptoms woman experience include shortness of breath, vomiting, back or jaw pain, dizziness, pain in lower chest or abdomen, extreme fatigue, light headedness, high blood pressure or fainting. The truth is woman may have just a few of these symptoms and yes these symptoms can be associated with other problems making it more confusing.

In talking with woman who have had heart attacks or been diagnosed with heart disease, there is one consistent theme and it is this: “I knew something was not right.” In many cases, they went to their doctor and were told they were “fine,” but their gut feeling knew something was wrong. It’s so important to Trust Your Gut. In the case of heart health, if you’re feeling something is not right, trust your gut and continue to be vigilant in finding the answers.

Heart Health & Trusting Your Gut
It turns out that our gut holds a huge amount of wisdom. In energy medicine the gut can be referred to as the “second brain.” As we practice and understand energy medicine more deeply, we tend to be more in tune with the accuracy of our “gut feelings,” allowing us to make better decision for our Heart Health and other health challenges.
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