Energy Medicine for Heart Health

More women will die from cardiovascular disease this year than breast cancer according to the American Heart Association. Our biggest health threat is often preventable with Energy Medicine, good nutrition and lifestyle adjustments.

Why is there an increase in heart disease among women? While there are many underlying reasons, stress appears to be primary along with smoking, obesity, insufficient sleep, poor diet, dehydration, lack of physical activity, aging, family history, hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies (B6, B12 and magnesium) and emotional trauma. Heart disease actually begins in the stomach. It is no wonder since our modern day diet consists of packaged foods, microwave foods, process foods, fast foods, high trans fatty acids, caffeine, alcohol, low fiber and foods low in nutritional value.

How do Emotions Impact Our Heart Health?

Over many years of practice working with health challenges from A-Z, there are two things I know for sure: One, there is an underlying stress component and two an underlying emotional component. This is especially true with heart related issues. Have you ever been stuck in an unhappy relationship? Ever experienced a breakup that left you feeling broken hearted? How about heartache over the loss of a loved one? Maybe you are feeling depressed and unhappy with your job or dealing with financial anxiety. In today’s society, affairs of the heart are often overlooked stresses that have become the new “norm”.

I recently worked with a new client who was told by two physicians she needed open heart surgery. After her first energy medicine session, she was very surprised that our work together uncovered a number of emotional stresses. By using my Advanced Clearing and Manifesting Energies technique, we were able to connect the dots and begin to release the emotions that were stored on a cellular level in the Heart, Pericardium (Heart Protector), and Lung Meridians, the Heart Chakra and reconnected the Heart Electrics.

Another client who had a heart condition and diabetes was also amazed at the impact her emotions were having on her health. She realized that as a wife of a Vietnam vet with PTSD for forty years she too had been living in a Fight or Flight world. I again used Advanced Clearing and Manifesting Energies Technique to release the emotional pattern of stress and fear. In another session I used Harmonize The Fire Technique to continue to reinforce calming the nervous system and bring cortisol and other hormones back to balance.

Note: both of these techniques require a practitioner and are not intended for self-care.

Where is Energy Most Commonly Blocked with Women with Heart Disease?

For women, heart disease is often over looked or misdiagnosed. Women rarely have the same dramatic symptoms that men have like the cold sweats, sudden stabbing pain in the chest and pain down the left arm. Some hallmarks for women to be aware of are extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, irregular heart beat, profuse sweating for no reason, a very bad case of indigestion, spasms along the spine with pressure under the breast bone with constriction leading up the throat and pain radiating into the jaws. If you find yourself in this situation, call 911 immediately, unlock your door so the paramedics can come in and place both pinky fingers in your mouth as you clamp down on each side of the nail with your teeth. The Heart Meridian ends on the inside of the little finger (HT 9) and its partner meridian Small Intestine begins on the outside of the little finger (SI 1). By applying pressure, this Energy Medicine technique could save your life.

Energy Medicine Quick Tips for Heart Health

A. Daily Energy Routine – especially 4 Thumps (K27, Thymus, Spleen Neurolymphatic Reflex, CV 17 – Sea of Tranquility), Connecting Heaven and Earth and the Tibetan Prayer Pose. To learn the Daily Energy Routine get our free eBook.

B. Heart to Heart

C. Points to stop a heart attack (See image above). Press and clamp down on HT 9 and SI 1.

Exercises for Opening your Heart

Many emotions are felt more fully when your Heart Chakra is open: love, compassion, tenderness, kindness toward others and self. There are several exercises you can do to open up this love-giving chakra if energy is blocked there.

  • Feel the Love RoutineWatch the Feel the Love video and implement the routine into your life.
  • Yoga Poses – There are several yoga poses that allow the heart to open up: the cobra, camel or bow poses, for example.
  • Meditation – Use breath control, visualization, stillness of thought, prayer to let go of negative emotions and allow your heart to open.
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