Energy Medicine for Menopause


I want to share with you the newest information on Menopause and share how energy medicine offers wonderful tools to restore and/or maintain health and vitality while going through this important transition. While Menopause is largely associated with women waving fans in front of their face to cool off and hoping and praying to “just get through it”. It can actually be a time of incredible insight and wisdom. In many cultures Menopause is celebrated and revered as women embrace the transformation and begin to tap into what their heart truly desires.

A Healthy Look at Menopause?

For many, Menopause is looked at as a curse rather than a blessing. This is understandable since we are bombarded with so much information about the negative impact of menopause. What we commonly hear about are the symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, fatigue, mood swings, memory loss, depression and anxiety. While I don’t want to minimize the impact of those symptoms, it is important to recognize the whole picture. For example:

  • Women may find themselves reviewing and reflecting on their lives during this time. We may recognize unfinished business. We may resist taking care of the unfinished business, but the energy of menopause will continue to press on us until it is addressed. The relief of taking care of this unfinished business is part of the amazing transformation that can occur during this time.
  • The things we have always wanted to do, but have not done, become more urgent. We may feel the need to start focusing on ourselves and what our inner voice is asking us to do.
  • Yearning to do things differently. We have trouble accepting the status quo. We may no longer have the tolerance for our or others unhealthy patterns or behavior. This can problematic for others, (partners, husbands, children) especially if we are no longer fitting into the roles we and they prescribed for us in the past.
  • It is important that we look deeply into what is really going on in our lives and address it. Often times symptoms such as depression are quickly labeled as a symptom of menopause. However, research shows that the incidence of depression is actually lower in women age 45-64 than younger women. The truth is that women in menopause often have other stressors going on in their life. For example, during that time many women are caring for an aging parent and issues of death and dying are much more pronounced.
  • “The Plan” we had in mind for our life can shift to something even better than we imagined. Children leaving home and spouses retiring may not have been in that plan. Now that it has happened, it is an opportunity to start the second half of our life and tap into our true desires.

Energy Medicine Quick Tips for Menopause

1. Do Daily Energy Routine(for details click for free eBook)

2. Stretches – to make space in the body for hormones to move to their destination and adapt; do abdominal stretches, side stretches, Crown Pull, Connecting Heaven and Earth, Yoga or Pilates.

3. To keep bones and ligaments healthy and strong.

A. Wrist Twist – good for stiffness in the hands, shoulders, and arms. Twist wrists in a circular motion in both directions.

B. Bone Saver – helps strengthen bones. Palms of hands together, fingers pointing out in opposite directions – as an isometric stretch press both palms together, one pushes out while the other one presses in.

4. For balancing hormones, calming the nervous system and reducing hot flashes.

A. Hook Up(see Free eBook)

B. Neurovasculars – help stimulate blood flow to the head, calms nervous system. Hormones are the messengers. The blood stream is their mode of transportation and Neurovasculars influence blood flow. Use for any emotional stressor. Place one palm over your forehead and the other palm on the back of your head and hold until the stressor begins to dissipate. Or place each hand over your temples just outside the eyes.

C. TW 3 – tap the Triple Warmer Gamut point on the back of the hand between the 4th and 5th finger to calm and de-stress the nervous system. Great for fears, phobias, shifting habits and food cravings. Use to reduce hot flashes.

D. Triple Warmer Smoothie – beginning at your temples, on the inhalation bring your fingers above your ears and exhale. Inhale and on the exhale trace slowly behind your ears down to the top of your shoulders. Inhale and on the exhale drag your hands down over your heart.

E. Hormone Hookup – balances and calms your hormones, supporting harmony and reducing stress allowing Liver to process and detox the body of stress chemicals. The Liver Neurovascular point is used to metabolize all hormones.

Hold #1 – Liver Neurovasculars with A- Heart Neurovasculars for 2-3 minutes to balance the Pineal Gland. This will balance Melatonin levels.

Then repeat by holding #1 – Liver NV with B- Spleen Neurovascular for 2-3 minutes to balance the Pituitary Gland. The Pituitary Gland affects many hormones – thyroid, sends messages to ovaries for progesterone and estrogen.

End by holding #1 – Liver NV with C-Triple Warmer Neurovascular to bring balance to your Hypothalamus to better support your thyroid, adrenals, cortisol and testosterone levels.

Tips for Thinning Hair

One third of menopause and postmenopausal women are having thinning hair.

  • Determine if you are getting enough vitamin D, Iron, Omega 3’s, Copper, or Zinc
  • Take Omega 3’s to support the absorption of Vitamin D
  • Biotin is excellent for hair, skin and nails
  • Have your hormones checked to see if they are at the right levels
  • Reduce Stress as stress produces cortisol which does not support healthy hair growth
  • Check your shampoo for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, (SLS) which is common in most shampoos, but may inhibit hair growth
  • Go Natural- over treated hair from hair dyes, permanents etc can cause build up of toxins in liver
  • Chinese Herbal Supplement, Shou Wu Pian has been known to support hair growth
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