Energy Medicine for Pain

Pain is the alarm system of the body that prompts us to stop what we are doing and take action to repair some damage that our body has undergone. There is no escaping pain. It is something that we all experience during our lifetime and it can be short-term or chronic, physiological or psychological. If we are injured in an accident or have a sports injury, the pain is usually acute and the cause of pain is generally obvious (e.g. broken arm, concussion, pulled hamstring, sprained ankle). Other times pain may seem to come on gradually and be intermittent and the cause of pain may baffle us (e.g. knee pain, low back pain, headache). No matter the level or source of pain, in order to restore our body to health we must make it a priority to follow the alarm signals given to us.

Effects of Pain on Lifestyle

The pain that is short-term and easily surmounted, maybe a little annoying but it does not impact our lives to a great level. Chronic, long-lasting pain that requires much effort to overcome can have a huge impact on our lifestyle – physiologically and psychologically. It is challenging to keep up with daily life when you are also managing pain or doing your best to work through it. Emotions may arise from constant pain, like fear, anxiety, frustration, anger, desperation, and depression. Our ability to view life as we should and respond appropriately to the pain signals can be reduced by the emotional impact we experience. Quite often our energy levels are shifted and even congested when this occurs.

Pain and Energy Medicine

Obviously there are times when we need to seek relief in an emergency room, but other times our bodies may heal faster by first seeking techniques found in energy medicine. Here are a few reasons to start with energy medicine in your path to pain elimination:

1) An energy approach to pain can help us avoid potential side effects from more invasive treatments usually prescribed in traditional medicine to eliminate pain (e.g. prescription drugs, over-the-counter anti-inflammatories).

2) Energy medicine techniques can help with deeper, pre-existing problems by clearing blocked energies and balancing chakra energies.

3) Some energy medicine pain techniques can reduce the chronic pain signals sent to the brain, as these techniques close the gateways that allow this pain to reach the brain.

4) The body’s natural ability to heal is not impeded by energy medicine techniques. Some medications may prevent, for example, swelling to occur when that inflammation is necessary to the body’s healing process.

Basic Techniques for Pain

Unless your pain is acute, it is best to start with the basic techniques found in the Daily Energy Routine to really balance the energies of the body. View the Daily Energy Routine page for a reminder of these techniques. On the contrary, when the pain is acute start with the basic pain techniques below.

1) Figure 8’s – Locate the pain and trace Figure 8’s over the area with your hand or a crystal. To further amplify the healing, use the Lotus Blossom technique.

2) Breathe Out the Pain – Sometimes when we are in pain, we feel out of control. Using your breath, you can gain control of the pain and bring some relief. Focused breathing is a technique that may be used for localized or dispersed pain. This is a technique mothers in labor often use. First, with your mouth closed, breathe in through your nostrils. Second, blow the air out through your mouth as if you are blowing the pain out with the air. Third, slowly breathe several times; focusing on each breath becoming slower than the previous one.

3) Siphoning – You may need a partner to complete this technique. As you perform this, think of the principle that the left hand pulls energy out and the right hand is used to put healthy energy in. Also, think about the function of a siphon. Use this technique to draw the pain out as if using a siphon.

  • Locate the area of pain and place the left hand over it to “siphon” off the pain.
  • Put your right hand down and away from your body to siphon off the energy.
  • Feel the pain (stagnant energy) being tugged from your body.
    Again, imagine a siphon. Place your right hand above the painful area and raise your left hand higher above to pour the healing energy into the body.
  • Complete the technique with a series of Figure 8’s over the ares.

4) Eliminating the Energy Vortex – When we are in pain and/or are wounded, mini-chakras develop. A mini-chakra is a vortex of swirling energy that forms over the painful area. You can use your hand or you can also spin a crystal or magnet over the spot. Be sure to energy test to see if use of magnets or crystals is safe.

Slowly circle your hand in a counterclockwise motion over the pain to draw our and clear the energy. Continue for two to five minutes.
In order to balance the cleared energy, then circle your hand in a clockwise motion.
5) Magnets – Magnets are very useful in pain relief but we do need to be cautious. ALWAYS energy test before using them and test for magnet sensitivity. For localized pain, remember to place the North side of the magnet against the skin. This pulls stagnant energy out from the body.

  • If there is no open wound, tape the North side of the magnet to the skin.
  • With an open wound, tape the North side (never the South side) of the magnet just below the painful area.
  • If using the North side of the magnet for a longer time period, restore balance by holding the South side of the magnant over the site of pain for 30 seconds.
  • Remove magnet if pain increases.

6) Muscle Meridian Chart/Strenthening & Sedating Charts – Identify the pain in your body. Use the Muscle Man Meridian Chart to identify which muscle is in pain. This will identify which meridian governs that muscle. Then use the Strengthening & Sedating Charts to find the sedating points to hold for pain relief.

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