Energy Medicine for the Water Element / Winter Season

Quick Tips To Balance Water Element

The Water Element…Are You in the Flow?

Water is vital to our existence. The human body is comprised of 60-70% water and it decreases as we age. It is the ONE thing we need the most and the best thing we can do for ourselves on a daily basis – drink more quality water. It is used in almost every bodily function including cellular metabolism and nourishing the brain. It is also important to know the body does not recognize other fluids in the same way as pure water.

Water Element is the beginning of the 5-Element cycle and represents both birth and death in the cycle of life. Those with Water as their primary element will be childlike, curious and endearing. They also are truth seekers and search deeply for the meaning of life. Other correspondences associated with the Water Element are the color blue, season of winter, cold climate, north direction and a craving for salty foods.

The Water Element reminds us to be in the flow of life having faith and trust to be in connection with the natural flow of all that is, letting go of our potential resistance and need to control. The Water Element brings us full circle. It is a time in nature to go inside and meditate, quiet the mind and rest. It is a cycle for reflection and restoration and to strengthen our will power and adaptability. If we allow ourselves this rest, we have the ability to gain much wisdom and move forward in a more powerful way. Connection and community are fundamental to our growth during this time as we gather with those we love.

The Power and Energy of the Kidney

On a physical level, the Water element is associated with the Kidney and Bladder organs. While both the organs have numerous functions, here are a few to be aware of for improved health and wellness. Each organ has an associated meridian. Kidney is the Yin meridian of the Water Element and Urinary Bladder is its Yang meridian partner.

Kidney stores the Essence or Life Force Energy that is inherited from our parents. Your Kidney Essence is dependent on their energy at the time of conception. K1, the first point on the meridian, is called “The Well Spring of Life.” Essence is the foundation of the body and the root of the mind and heart. In Oriental Medicine it is believed that once one has depleted their Kidney energy through age and over activity, it cannot be replenished. However, I believe using Acupuncture and Energy Medicine tools on a daily basis to balance our energy and strengthen our Kidneys we are able to restore this energy and replenish the adrenals for greater health. We truly can change our energetic profile.

Kidney is the most Yin of all of the organs and meridians and thus it requires the most nurturing and nourishing. Kidney Essence dominates reproduction, growth and development. The Kidneys’ produce the marrow for the bones and help form the brain known in oriental medicine as the Sea of Marrow. Kidney energy governs the bones, teeth, eyes, ears and the hair on your head. They physically reside in the lumbar region and can be the cause for low back pain. They dominate Fire at the Gate of Vitality the Mingmen point. This Fire is necessary to warm the Spleen to promote transportation and transformation of nutrients and fluids.

The Kidneys’ dominate water metabolism by regulating the flow and amount of water in your body. It is this flow of water that enables the body to collect and excrete waste and toxins to its partner the Urinary Bladder. The pure water is sent to the Lungs. The Kidney receives Qi and helps our Lungs with respiration.

Kidney houses Zhi, will power, and the mental aspects that pertain to focus, concentration, thinking, memorization and long-term memory. Will power is the basis for the mind and the mind directs will power. If the mind (Shen) is confused, will power will lead to confusion, lack of drive, and poor initiative causing one to be discouraged. If the mind (Shen) is strong, then one will have the will power, drive, ambition, determination and clarity to pursue their goals.

Emotionally Kidney Qi is depleted most through fear, shame, dread, insecurity, phobias, anxiety, paranoia, insecurity and suspicion. Physical signs that Kidney energy is out of balance include: low back pain, hip pain, edema, frequent urination, osteoporosis, tinnitus, ear infections, hair loss, early graying, infertility, enlarged prostate, eye problems, irregular menstruation, adrenal fatigue, impotence, heart diseases, asthma, poor memory, chronic fatigue syndrome, painful knees and ankles, cold hands and feet, hardening of the arteries, vertigo, teeth and gum problems, stomach – pain, swelling or bloating, and a lack of energy or life force.

The Urinary Bladder

The Urinary Bladder is the Yang organ and meridian of Water. It is the longest meridian in the body beginning at the inside corner of the eye, running up over the head and down the entire backside of the body. The primary function of the urinary bladder is eliminating fluids and waste. It is essential to life as it helps to release potential toxins from our body and works closely with Kidney to manage bodily fluids. It also governs our nervous system. Emotionally, a Bladder imbalance may show as an inability to cope, deep depression, hopelessness, feeling inadequate, fear of change, lack of faith and trust, paralyzed will, terror and futility.

Physical signs that Bladder is out of balance include: incontinence, burning or frequent urination, difficulty urinating, arthritis, back pain, tooth loss, urinary tract infections, nervous system problems, foot pain, occipital headaches, and sciatica.

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