Lotus Blossom

Lotus Blossom is another simple exercise that came about when Dr. Melanie recognized various energy patterns that repeat throughout your body. We all know and understand the importance of Figure 8’s in every cell of our being.
That same Figure 8 energy is also seen in the Tibetan Rings and the Celtic Weave. It is the cross over energy that keeps us healthy and connected and out of homolateral.
My friend and Eden Energy Medicine Colleague, Laurel Camden, recognized the importance of tracing horizontal Figure 8’s around the eyes to shift a homolateral pattern when working with veterans who were getting more stressed when doing the traditional Homolateral Repatterning “march” and were unable to cross over.

In addition to this, by extending the Figure 8 pattern that is done horizontally around the eyes to a vertical pattern spanning from the hairline to the upper lip crossing at the same 3rd Eye Point (Yintang – calms the shen or mind) you are now connecting with the “parallel” energies of homolateral.

Looking beyond that to the energies of thelotus_blossom Tibetan Rings, which are two diagonal Figure 8’s crossing in the middle at Yintang to make a clover leaf. Dr. Melanie quickly realized the energetic importance when you combine all four Figure 8 patterns crossing at the third eye to make “The Lotus Blossom”. This exercise goes way beyond Homolateral Repatterning.

Now she sees The Lotus Blossom pattern all over the body – over each Chakra, in organs, over a pain area, in The Aura, in The Grid, etc. You can trace it on yourself and on another. It is simple to use and extremely effective.

To learn more, enjoy the video.

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