Vitamin D

Vitamin D…the Sunshine Vitamin

We often hear about going out into the sun to get our daily dose of Vitamin D3, but do we really know why we need this vitamin? Vitamin D3 is beneficial for relieving diabetes, multiple sclerosis, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), heart and blood vessel conditions such as high blood pressure, skin conditions such as psoriasis and bone conditions such as osteoporosis. green-image-150x150It also boosts the immune system to prevent autoimmune disease and cancer.

Studies have shown that Vitamin D3 is also beneficial for improving mood, relieving depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) – something that is very important as we begin to come out of the dark, cold winter months.

In some areas of the world, it is challenging to get enough sun exposure. It’s important to eat plenty of foods high in Vitamin D including fatty fish (mackerel, salmon, herring, sardines, trout), eggs, cheese, beef liver, and mushrooms (shiitake, portabello and button). Another effective way to increase your Vitamin D3 level is with supplementation. It may not seem like the form you choose matters, but it absolutely does. Liquid Vitamin D3 is preferable because it will be absorbed more quickly into your body.

Energy test to determine the correct dosage for your body. The dosage is usually given in International Units or IU. Need more help with energy testing your foods and nutritional supplements? Contact our office for an in-office or skype nutritional consult with Dr. Melanie.

And yes, believe it or not many Floridians and those from other southern states are Vitamin D deficient.

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